A Rogue Coffee Experience

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By Erica Cawagas

Rogue Wave coffee shop

Photo by Shawna Bannerman

Rogue Wave Coffee, just 5 minutes from NAIT, has a unique approach to introducing new people to specialty coffee.

Similar to a brewery, they proudly display their roastery so their customers can see exactly how the beans are roasted. They also hold regular events such as Home Brewing Basics, Introduction to Latte Art and Coffee Appreciation Tasting.

Co-owner Dave Walsh has been a hobby roaster for over a decade. Being as passionate about coffee as he is, his goal with Rogue Wave is to share his passion and knowledge with their customers. Rogue Wave also supports many local businesses by serving baked goods from local bakeries and supplying coffee beans to cafes and restaurants across the city.

Rogue Wave recently held an event on September 15, called “Aeropress Coffee Tasting with Ply.”

Ply, a Barista at Rogue Wave, specializes in various brewing methods and will be heading to Toronto to compete in the 2019 Canada National Aeropress Championship on September 27. At the tasting, Ply displayed different Aeropress recipes that he will be showcasing at the championship.

“[Aeropress is] the most approachable brewing method,” said Walsh. “It uses the least amount of extraneous equipment [and] brings out flavours in a coffee that normally wouldn’t be there if you were using a different brew method.”

However, Walsh reluctantly admitted he only makes coffee at home when asked by his girlfriend Sunday mornings. He usually uses the pour-over method with a basic Hario v60, a ceramic coffee dripper.

Rogue Wave’s specialty coffee can be found at PAWS Cat Cafe, Sober Cat Cafe, DOSC restaurant and in store.

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