A night with the stars

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Gazing at a city of stars can offer you an escape from the busy city life. Unfortunately, Emma Stone, from La La Land will not be joining you on this adventure. But the Gazing at the Stars tour can offer parents and their little ones unforgettable moments to share. The event is also a wonderful idea for a first date or a night out.

Elk Island’s “Gaze at the Stars,” event is a guided tour of the night sky that you see each evening. The event is held deep in the centre of one of the newest biosphere reserves. Beaver Hills Dark sky reserve allows the lovers of stars, galaxies, meteor showers and the northern lights to gaze without light pollution from cities lights.

Interpreters of Elk Island provide a friendly and calming atmosphere. They pride themselves in helping those who are curious about the stars with all the answers they need. Elk Island interpreters help guests understand the layout of constellations as well as the legends and stories that come with them.

As you ponder about the stars, you can enjoy hot chocolate and S’Mores. Perfect for the kids and adults alike.

For dates, the bonfire offers the perfect lighting, setting a romantic scene for you and your significant other. You can snuggle up together and glance at the stars or each other.

Guests who have previously attended say they have moments when they are in complete awe or have a loss of words. In one case, a guest had tears run down his face as he stared at the stars.

“It was so beautiful, vast and clear,” he said, and that all he could do was cry.

On some nights if you are lucky, you can witness rare phenomena. Some of those phenomena can range from a shooting star, to the Northern Lights, dancing across the sky.

For $25 and a 40-minute drive, you can create an everlasting memory for you and your family to share. Event staff suggest that guests dress for the weather, and book your tour in advice because of high demand.

A night with the stars can be a perfect way to end the week. It may even help you find clarity within a busy world or can even provide you with an unforgettable memory to share with someone in the future.

– Emma Morrison

Image courtesy of Saif Hossain 

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