8 Study spots you may not know exist at NAIT

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Arts & Life

If you’re a new student, welcome to NAIT! If you’re a returning student, welcome back! NAIT is a great place to learn and with the campus’ massive size, NAIT has many study spots for students to study individually and in groups. Returning students might even be surprised to discover study spots in places, and even buildings, they didn’t know existed on campus. Here are a few unique study spots worth checking out!

Studying with a view

Take in the spectacular Edmonton city skyline and beautiful NAIT campus from the 3rd-floor patio at the Productivity and Innovation Centre as you study. This balcony is so big it can fit 180 people for all kinds of events like receptions and banquets. The blue and silver ball patio chairs make for fun group meetings in the sunshine too.

Skyview from indoors

While you are headed to PIC’s balcony, you will see a massive space leading to many tables on your left. High above you is a stunning view of PIC’s glass ceiling and walls. This building is out of the way, but it’s a great place for natural light. From this spot you will also see some of the beautiful architecture of the building like the stairs between the floors and some of the innovations behind windows.

NAIT spirit

The George and Gay Andrews study lounge is located in the Feltham Centre, or its other name the CAT building, on Main Campus. You won’t miss it when you reach the second floor! It is an open study space and its walls are NAIT’s vibrant blue with NAIT-themed motifs. You’ll study in the NAIT spirit. There is a printer near a wall and a whiteboard. LED lights are said to help to reduce the energy used in this space as well. This study spot has a nice view of CAT’s lower and upper floors and others going about their day.


The NAITrium is the place to go if you want lots of sunshine and a vibrant environment but indoors. The space features huge windows letting in sunlight with real trees inside. The place is colourful with circular orange couches around tables, orange and green chairs around high white tables and more. Follow the stairs to the second floor for the perfect group meeting spaces where you’ll find whiteboards and plenty of couches. Plus, the furniture can be moved around to suit your needs!

The great outdoors

NAIT has a few courtyards on Main Campus with gazebos to keep you safe from the extreme heat in summer and rainy days in fall or spring. One gazebo in particular, was designed to be an inclusive space and respect the spirit of reconcilation. This gazebo has an octagonal shape and along the inside are the Seven Grandfather teachings which are Respect, Wisdom, Bravery, Love, Truth, Humility and Honesty. The Nîsôhkamâtotân centre consulted on the design, and staff from the carpenter program made the signs inside. If you’re seeking a peaceful outdoor environment for yourself or a good place to study with friends, this would be it.

Ride in style

Low-intensity exercise and studying combine in this category. Active Study Spaces in the Feltham Centre and various other locations across campus create a low-intensity exercise meets studying experience for students. The setup in the Feltham Centre has two exercise bikes or under-desk bikes connected together with a high circular table for you and a friend. If you prefer to study while walking, the McNally Library has a treadmill with a desk located on a wall near the Makerspace.

Student lounging

The NAITSA student lounge on the second floor of the Feltham Centre is a comfortable space to study and meet with friends. It is very spacious and has plenty of windows for natural light. Shades can be lowered should the area you seek become too sunny. You have the choice between a chair or couch seating in the open area. This space also features lime green coloured private booths. For anyone who enjoys colour theory, lime green correlates with creativity as well as nature which compliments the plants you’ll find here.

A quiet place

Should you decide to study away from the hustle of campus, the study lounge located below the McNally Library has a “quiet zone.” Here you will find circular cubicles or pods for individual study. Once you enter this study lounge you’ll see these pods inside a closed-off glass area with a list of rules titled “Quiet Zone.” The pods are white and the front and back easily move for entry and exit. Inside you’ll find a small desk, a chair and an outlet. If this is too closed off for you, the area also has couches in an open space and private booths with a shield surrounding the front of each desk in the Quiet Zone.

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