5 Ways to Get Involved on Campus

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Arts & Life

By Jorgia Moore
VP Internal

Welcome to campus, NAIT students! Whether this is your first year here or you’re a returning student, it has been a crazy 18 months, and we cannot wait to get back to campus life. You might be thinking, “where do I start”? As VP Internal, it is my job to ensure you have the right resources and opportunities to foster your campus life.

Here are five ways to start getting involved on campus:

  1. Create an account on Ookslife.ca and download your event pass.
    Ookslife.ca is your hub for everything on campus. Simply sign up with your student email, and you have access to an abundance of campus life. My favourite feature is the “Events” tab, with a list of all the events made available to you.
    Examples range from our Nest campus bar events, niche club-led events, general networking, and so much more! Ookslife.ca is a great starting place for you to find out what interests you, keep up to date on what is going on, and ensure you can secure your spot for what you want to do. Don’t forget to download your Events Pass onto your phone so you can easily be checked into events and track them on your involvement record!
  2. Enroll in the New Student Experience (NSE)
    The New Student Experience is somewhat of an involvement scavenger hunt where if you finish it you can win great prizes. There are over 2,000 events and involvement opportunities at NAIT each year. The NSE uses Ookslife.ca to help first-year students create their own fun and unique campus life experience. This path will encourage you and guide you to check out events and spots on campus that can benefit you throughout your time here at NAIT, and the sooner you complete the required tasks, the more prizes you have a chance to win. Everyone who finishes gets an exclusive swag item! This is a great way to get acquainted with NAIT by sampling what we have to offer. Plus, you might be able to meet some new people! Find the New Student Experience at Ookslife.ca to sign up.
  3. Join or start a club
    Lots of students say that being part of a club was their favourite part about being at NAIT! We have tons of clubs that you can join depending on what you are interested in. See a list of all clubs by searching the Organizations tab on Ookslife.ca (have you caught onto the recurring trend here?). Don’t see a club that interests you? Start your own! NAITSA only requires three people to start a club – a President, VP Finance, and VP Operations. There are many funding opportunities and support for you and your club endeavours, and more information on starting a club can be found online at naitsa.ca/get-involved/clubs/.
  4. Sign up for your NAITSA newsletters and follow us on social media.
    This is the best way to stay updated with information, opportunities, events, and announcements. You can subscribe to the Ooks Life newsletter and NAITSA newsletter online at naitsa.ca. We also are constantly posting and updating our social media, so following @ookslife and @naitstudents on Instagram and Facebook is definitely a good idea! There are more opportunities to get involved posted via social media all the time.
  5. Attend a NAITSA Event!
    Even though this is part of your NSE, I highly recommend attending a NAITSA event in your first month of being on campus. NAITSA has put special thought into crafting specific welcome back events for all students. Some of these events are:

    • Pancake Breakfast (aka FREE PANCAKES) – Sep 7 and 8
    • Dirty Bingo at The Nest – Sep 9
    • NestFest- Sep 16 and 17
    • Virtual School Mixers (a chance to mix and mingle with your specific programs): Trades, JRSSB, SAST, Health Sciences – Sep 9 to 15

A complete list of our welcome back events can be found at Ookslife.ca.

I hope that you all can make the most of your campus experience and your time here at NAIT! I am always here to help you out, and it is my job to foster your campus life. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at savpinternal@nait.ca. Have a fantastic back-to-school celebration, whatever that looks like for you!

Jorgia Moore, VP Internal

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