Bold Beauty: Horrifying Beauty

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By Paige Gordon

Halloween is fast approaching and choosing the right costume can be daunting. If you are feeling stressed this Halloween, there is no need to panic. I have put together a frightening tutorial inspired by iconic horror movie characters that will help you create an all-out spooky vibe and scare the living sh*t out of your friends.

Now come to Freddy. No seriously, let’s start with Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Step 1) In the film, Freddy’s burns were created by using overlapping prosthetic makeup. There are a couple of ways to achieve this look yourself by drawing or using face tattoos. To draw them on, you will need a brown liner, pencil, pink, red and black shadow, small brushes and a picture of Freddy’s burns for reference (a picture will be crucial for this look). Using the brown liner, create an outline of Freddy’s burns.

Step 2) Next, fill in the burns using pink in the centre, and red towards the edges. Deepen the wounds by adding a black shadow to the side of each hole. Continue adding burn marks in a random pattern to your face and neck. Alternately, you can purchase a Freddy Kruger makeup kit from a Halloween store that includes a brush, FX transfer sheet, 3 makeup colours, sponges and a tattoo sheet.

Now if a creepy dream murder is not your thing, why not be a prom queen who has telekinetic powers. The prom blood bath scene in the movie Carrie was done using a mixture of food colouring and Karo syrup that was literally dumped on the stars head.

Step 1) To make your own blood you will need 1 cup of corn syrup, 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup, 8 drops of red food colouring, a small paintbrush, and a bowl for mixing.

Step 2) Using the paintbrush, start drawing streaks of blood over your face until you achieve the desired effect. If you really want to make it authentic, have your friends dump a bucket of it over your head. You can also purchase pre-made blood from Halloween stores, and follow the same procedure.

Blood is for the faint of heart. For a more lighthearted costume try a clown. While some clowns are cheery, others are horrifying like the notorious Pennywise.

Step 1) In this movie, Pennywise sports the basic white clown face with red nose. To join this “losers club”, you will need a picture of Pennywise for inspiration, white and red face paint, black liner and eye shadow, sponges and paintbrushes.

Step 2) Cover the face completely in white face paint

Step 3) Brush black eye shadow on eyelids and around lower lashes. Draw on eyebrows keeping them super thin.

Step 4) Paint on the tip of the nose and lips dark red. Use a brush to apply red face lines.

You have some Halloween inspiration–so, get practicing.

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