360-degree camera a delight!

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What if you could see the world in 360 degrees without turning your head around?

Who has ever dreamed about a device with which you could take a spherical picture? I mean a picture that shows every single detail around you.

Omni-directional camera devices have emerged over the past three years as one of the better technology breakthroughs, but most people still aren’t comfortable or used to them. Fortunately, I had the chance to come across the very best to better understand how it works.

Ricoh Theta S was original l y launched two years ago but has only recently gained popularity. It’s a digital camera about the size of your average air-conditioner remote control and is light at 125 grams. The entire body has a rubberized coating, making it easy to grip. The highlights of the camera are the two 12-megapixel fish-eye lenses placed on either side to give you an instant 360-degree picture or video. The camera can also capture full-HD video at 30fps for 25 minutes on continuous shooting. In other words, a spherical image or movie can be easily taken in one shot.

Also, the camera can be freely moved and viewed at 360 degrees, when it is edited and shared. Moreover, it is easy to use with only four buttons on the device, as well as being relatively cheap for no more than $350.

This is definitely a technology to consider as it continues to become more accessible and popular. I highly recommend this for the technology and selfie lover.

Check it out at the NAIT library; you can rent it for free.

– Djanvi Christian

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