3 Best Binge-Worthy Quarantine Series

by | May 18, 2020 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

By Mia Hildebrandt

With COVID-19 keeping most of us indoors over the last couple of months I, like many others, have probably spent way too much time watching Netflix than I should have. With what’s hopefully the worst of the virus behind us, here are some of the best TV shows on Netflix for your quarantine.

The Last Dance Netflix Series

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The Last Dance
The Last Dance takes us behind the scenes of the 1998 Chicago Bulls championship season. This documentary took fans through the story of not only the last year of the Bulls dynasty but told stories of players, staff and Michael Jordan throughout his entire NBA career. The best part of this 10 part documentary series is that it truly is entertaining for all ages.

For those in high school or university who are too young to have watched Michael Jordan and only heard stories of his greatness to the people who followed basketball closely through the 90s and are reliving the Bulls domination of the NBA. Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, this documentary has something for everyone.

Money Heist Netflix Series

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Money Heist
This dramatic thriller shows us the plotting of a heist to rob the bank of Spain. Misfits come together and plan for a whole year the perfect robbery, no civilians get hurt and the robbers escape freely. They have thought of every outcome and have a plan for every move the police could make, or so they think.

This show truly takes you on the other side of your typical heist movie, they take you inside the lives of the robbers and have you rooting for them to complete their heist. With plot twist curve balls thrown in every episode, this show is surely one you won’t be able to help yourself from bingeing.

Outerbanks Netflix Series

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A show that at first seems like a rip off of the Goonies, this treasure hunt gets you hooked right away. Taking place on an island off the coast of North Carolina the characters spend most of their time on the water getting you excited for warmer weather. Four teenagers are on a quest for gold with what seems like their entire island is against them. It includes murders, betrayal and people on the run. This is another binge-worthy show. If that’s not enough reason to start watching, the soundtrack alone will keep you hooked.

Despite businesses opening back up and a new normal starting to take place, these shows are going nowhere and will still be waiting on your Netflix account for when you need a good show to watch.

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