14 date spots for the 14th

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1. Board N Brew Cafe

This cafe has lunch and dinner, desserts, coffees, alcohol and board games. For $5 you can play as many games as you like. It’s a great place to get to know a person and kind of a cool first date.
Location: 9929 103 St.
Price: $40 for food and drinks

2. Brewsters

Known for their range of craft beers, Brewsters has a fun pub atmosphere. They also have five 5 ounce beers for $25 and sampler platter for beer lovers
Location: There are five locations in Edmonton. Check online for closest.
Price: Around $45, more if you find a beer you like

3. District Cafe & Bakery

This cute little cafe has great cinnamon buns, cookies, cakes and coffee. It is very modern and gives a personal feel for a date.
Location: 101-10011 109 St.
Price: $30 for a coffee date with a snack, more for lunch and dinner

4. Hoang Long

A buzzing atmosphere, laughter and Asian cuisine makes this a great first-date spot.
Location: West Edmonton Mall Chinatown.
Price: $40, more if you double date

5. Moxies

The dark walls and dimly lighting really helps to bring a warm romantic feel to any date.
Location: Moxies has several locations in the city. Check online for the closest.
Price: For two people, expect to spend $35-$50 depending on drinks.

6. Cactus Club

Dimly lit by fireplaces makes this place feel cozy and romantic. It’s lounge creates a warm comfortable atmosphere. Locations: 11130 Jasper Ave. and West Edmonton Mall.
Price: Expect to spend $45-$50.

7. El Cortez

The tequila bar is an excellent party place with it’s bright colors and makes for a fun date.
Location: 8230 Gateway Blvd.
Price: Around $40, more if you’re partying

8. The Melting Pot

Get both meal and dessert fondue. A really fun place for a group date.
Location: 2920 Calgary Trail #117.
Price: $45-$55

9. Chianti Cafe

A warm Italian atmosphere here that is amazing for a date. Get dressed up and romantic.
Location: 10501 82 Ave.
Price: $50

10. Huma

Bright colours and decorations make it a cheery, fun place to have a first date and authentic Mexican food. Location: 9880 63 Ave.
Price: $35-$40

11. Delux Burger Bar

A classier kind of burger place. Grab a fancy burger and share a milkshake.
Locations: 9682 142 St. or 14111 23 Ave.
Price: $50

12. Cheese Cake Cafe

Really good cheesecakes, and a warm welcoming atmosphere.
Location: 17011 100 Ave.
Price: $45

13. Blue Plate Diner

Try the watermelon mojito in this small modern diner.
Location: 10145 104 St.
Price: $45

14. Craft Beer Market

The Craft Beer market has a dark warm atmosphere that is a perfect date spot. A great spot that doesn’t have kids. Location: 10013 101 A Ave.
Price: $40


– Sarah Fox

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