2-player board games for date night

by | Feb 27, 2024 | Arts & Life

It’s February, and love is in the air. The combination of Valentine’s Day and the chilly weather creates a perfect combination for cozy board game nights. These board games for two can make for an enjoyable date night, whether you want to cooperate or compete with each other.

7 Wonders Duel

A mockup of the box of the game 7 Wonders Duel. The title is on the middle of the box, and there's two spartan soldiers with light behind them. The background is a war scene and you can see pyramids in the distance.If you and your significant other are competitive with each other, try 7 Wonders Duel. A stylized version of the popular 7 Wonders game, this one is designed to be played specially with just you and another, like your other half. Go in contention with each other on date night as each of you develop and build your wonder, compete in military might and advance your civilization. This game is ranked 18th overall on BoardGameGeek, and the full version is one of my favourites.


Want something more colourful and vibrant? Look no further than Azul. As tile workers, you compete to create the best wall design for the Royal Palace of Evora. Play tiles as you create a beautiful tapestry of colours on your board. Earn points and complete your design, but be sure not to take the wrong tiles, or you’ll lose points as you design and create your way to victory over your partner. 

Codenames Duet

Looking for a more cooperative experience to get to know your partner better? Codenames Duet may be the one for the two of you to try. Working together, you and your date play an adjusted game of codenames to find all the hidden agents laid out. Best of luck as you communicate with one-word answers to unveil the agents without getting the assassin. 

The Crew: Mission Deep Sea

If you want something new you can play together and still cooperate, check out The Crew: Mission Deep Sea. This card game takes the two of you on an adventure to discover the lost continent of Mu. Solve puzzles together, play cards and delve into the ocean’s depths in your search. Can you communicate and cooperate with your partner to find your fabled destination, or will you be lost on your journey in the vast ocean? 


My final recommendation is the classic game of Crib (or Cribbage). If you want to play this game, you just need a deck of cards and a Crib board. Though a simple Crib board will work, you might want something designed for the occasion if you really want to impress your partner. Finding a custom Cribbage board in the shape of a heart can make a romantic gift or elevate a date night. 

Don’t have any board games on hand? Try a date night at a cozy board game cafe, like the Table Top Cafe or Board N Brew. These lovely cafes in Edmonton offer a selection of tasty treats and board games to play together. If staying in is still the coziest option, check out the Hexagon Board Game Cafe, where you can rent out a game for a nice stay-at-home date night by candlelight. Head over there and have fun; feel free to find and play any of the games suggested above. Or, experiment and pick one that stands out to the two of you and try it for the first time together. 

Hopefully, this gives you and your other half some new ideas for a date night. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or any time you  feel like a romantic one-on-one activity, playing board games together is a great way to spend quality time with your sweetheart. 

Image credits: 7 wonders duel via Repos Production; Code Names Duet via Czech Games

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