Too Fashionable To Be Infected

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Arts & Life, Uncategorized

By Karlie Mickanuik

*Disclaimer* We understand COVID-19 is a very serious pandemic that should not be taken lightly, but with all of the seriousness in the world we thought it would be fun to make a fashion article on how to wear a mask stylishly.

Surgical masks have been popping into style since around 2015 originating in Japan and making its way into western fashion. With the rise of COVID-19 people are wearing masks more as a need than a luxury.

The best times to wear a mask during the pandemic of COVID-19 is if you are caring for a person that has contracted the disease, or if you are showing symptoms yourself. Of course you must put the mask on with sanitized hands and should not touch the front of the mask.

There is a lot of information about why you should wear a mask during this time which is all extremely important information. Here are some of the best surgical masks out there.

Masks with a skull on the front

These kinds of masks are so cool! You look edgy and badass, definitely telling COVID-19 that you are too cool to be infected.

Louis Vuitonn/Gucci masks

These masks make you look expensive. These are a flex on your peers. You give off the vibe that COVID-19 can not afford to infect you.

Floral print masks

If you wear this style of mask you have hippie energy and call yourself a flower child. You just want everyone to love each other, from a safe distance of course, during these hard times.

Masks with a ventilator on them

You are so extra all the time. This feature is probably for show but you want people to think you are extra protected from COVID-19. If it is not for show then keep doing your job in stopping the spread of the virus, you are doing great!

Black surgical masks

Someone say street wear? You definitely had an emo phase in highschool. You wear this mask for practical reasons but still want to make a fashion statement even if it is a little more subtle.

Black leather masks

You definitely had an emo phase in highschool and you are still in your emo phase even though you graduated four years ago. You graduated eight years ago if your mask has studded spikes on it. You want people to notice you and be afraid of you. You take social distancing probably a little too far.

Plain surgical masks

You are probably a doctor, nurse or other medical job. You just want people to practice social distancing and wash their hands properly. You are working hard to save lives and we are proud of you.

Plague Doctor mask

Disregard every mask on this list, this is the only acceptable one. This tells COVID-19 that you are completely immune to the virus and if anything the virus should be afraid of you.

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