The Worst Parts About Fall

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Opinion

For many, Autumn is a season to look forward to. The beautiful change in leaves, sweater weather and pumpkin spice. But, with anything viewed through rose tinted glasses, we often overlook a few key things about the season that can annoy or downright anger us. Here are a few things about fall that highkey kinda suck.

Raking Leaves
As much as the changing leaves are a beauty to behold, when they do start to fall (sometimes annoyingly all at once) it can take an afternoon or two… or five raking them all up. This is especially difficult for those who are living with a yard for the first time. “Where do I buy a cheap rake?” “Where do I put all these piles?” “How do I dispose of all of these bags and bags of leaves?” “Can I just burn them??” Who knows!

Under or over the dressing
Sweater weather is amazing! It means being able to sport your favourite hoodie or pullover for the first time since spring. Stepping outside and feeling that crisp air and thinking “Damn, I should grab a sweater,” only to regret it four hours later when it’s suddenly too warm and requires carrying it everywhere you go. Or, worse yet, thinking a jacket isn’t needed and wholly regretting it by the end of the day when you’ve got your hood up and hands slammed snuggly into pockets to keep warm.

Early Snow
Going for a fall photoshoot only for it to start snowing. Those crisp fat flakes lining the road before your winter tires have been outfitted. The Halloween costumes being ruined by an oversized jacket. Need I go on?

Last-Minute Costume
Speaking of Halloween costumes, forgetting to put one together until the last minute is a hassle. Running from Value Village to Value Village, all of which have been picked clean of good costume pieces already, only to be stuck with the next best pieces for your outfit. Suddenly you’re no longer Gomez Addams, but his No Name brand cousin Gustavo Adams.

Flu Season
This one sucks, especially in our current climate. No one likes catching a fresh case of Influenza, especially not now that the slightest signs of one mean a Q-Tip up your nose and 3 to five days of self-isolation while you wait to rule out COVID-19. On top of that, it includes being bedridden and lethargic, with a stuffy nose and no sense of whether you’re too hot or too cold. Ah-CHOO!

Seasonal Depression
Known scientifically as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects 3 percent of the population every year. SAD is directly linked to the amount of sunlight one receives, affecting their mood and mental state. Many feel the effects of SAD without being diagnosed. Things like watching leaves die and the crushing realization that we will have to endure another brutal YEG winter can be a lot for anyone. Don’t hesitate to reach out to family, friends or Student Counselling at NAIT, which is included in students tuition.

Cold Room
Probably the hardest part of my day in the fall season is the 30 seconds between getting out of bed and scrambling to put on some clothes to keep warm, a decision one could spend hours deliberating while sitting tucked snuggly under the duvet. There’s nothing like waking up to visible breath in your bed to realize that maybe it’s time to reveal your windows.

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