The Spooky Shuffle

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Entertainment

By Morgan Noseworthy

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling, the days are shorter, it’s getting colder and pumpkin harvest is in full swing. Fall is the best season. Not only do we escape the intolerable heat of summer, but all the monsters and ghouls come out to party. Let’s get this party started with a killer Halloween playlist.

Roky Erickson & The Aliens – “If You Have Ghosts”
This song is especially suiting for Halloween since Roky sadly passed away earlier this year. This song was also re-recorded by the Swedish goth band Ghost. Try not to get scared while the ghost of Roky sings to you about…. Ghosts!

The Dickies – “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”
This was the theme song for the 80s schlock horror film Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Today, it’s a fantastically creepy Halloween tune. With the ‘It’ remake contributing to the resurgence of creepy clowns it’s time to put on your killer clown makeup and hit the streets!

Cramps – “Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon”
What do you get when you cross Pony Boy with Swamp Thing? That’s right! The Creature from The Black Leather Lagoon! You’ll be soaked with fright as this rock ‘n roll quartet steals the mojo from the swamps and injects it straight to your veins.

The Meteors – “Halloween (Tribute)”
This instrumental cover of the Halloween theme song is as spooky as a vampire being haunted by a werewolf’s poltergeist. The Meteors execute a great rendition of the classic Jon Carpenter horror movie melody. Never forget, boils and ghouls, OTMAPP.

Helloween – “Halloween”
This thirteen-minute power metal epic was released back in 1988 when Dragon Force were just a twinkle in their daddies’ eyes. From the classic album Keeper of the Seven Keys Part One, this track will take you on a Halloween journey through poorly-lit streets to find those spooky mystic forces, ghosts, and… candy!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – “Nightmare on My Street”
Before Will Smith moved to Bel Air and jazz was first tossed out by uncle Phil, the two of them were a rap duo. Spoofing on Elm Street’s worst nightmare, Freddy Krueger, this track combines eerie keyboards and a funky beat with a fun yet freaky Halloween tale. You won’t want to listen to this right before bed!

Nekromantix – “Howlin’ at the Moon”
While some might consider them strange, California’s Necromantix are no strangers to the horror/monster music scene. So many of their tracks could easily make it on this list but I chose this chiller because I must howl! AWOOOOOOO!

Los Straitjackets – “Rockula”
Southern California’s Los Straitjackets take you for a scream-inducing ride through the curl with a spooky organ strapped to your board. Don’t forget your luchador costume!

Mad Sin – “London Dungeon”
I wanted to include some Misfits in this list, but that’s just so cliché for a Halloween playlist and I already used my one cliché token on Monster Mash. I found a ghostly compromise in this eerie cover of the old school Misfits track by Germany’s original psychobilly architects, Mad Sin.

The Ramones – “Pet Semetary”
Have you ever been so into The Ramones that you forgot you were driving an 18-wheeler and run over a kid? Well, at least it was that jerk kid from Full House, and he’ll be back anyway. Don’t worry though, it was just a dream after you watched the 80s adaptation of Stephen King’s Pet Semetary.

To hear these songs and more on my 2019 Spooky playlist, just scan this code and open your ear holes wide.

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