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By: Emma Morrison

The Gaming Soundtrack

The gaming industry is a multi-million dollar business. But with gaming comes some amazing soundtracks that create some of the most unforgettable gaming atmospheres and experiences. Put this playlist on shuffle to help amp your competitive gaming.

“Burning Up” – Darren Styles, Gammer & Dougal
Monstercat is known for its powerful, energetic and innovative artists. Darren Styles and Gammer & Dougal
do not disappoint in the slightest to get you pumped up at the beginning of an intense gaming session.

“Needed You” – Gammer
Needed You is a very energetic and powerful song leading you to get yourself ready while you are in that lobby waiting for your next game. Gammer gets you ready to face opposing teams and to get your game face on.

“Legends Never Die” (ft. Against the Current)
This song is well known among League of Legends players. This song inspires genius and a desire to win your next game. The song has some amazing vocals getting you ready for that next match.

“Spaceship” – Galantis ft Uffie
Spaceship is a mid-game song that helps you focus on what you need to do to win. It also gives you that much of an edge keeping you on your toes to beat your opponent.

“Me & U” – Succducc
This song has the most energy out of all the songs in the playlist. With the high tempo beats and high pitched voice. It gives you that last bit of energy to finish your game strong. Me & U has a very funny vibe that allows you to stay calm and collected in a time of stress in your game.

“San Holo” – Show Me
Sometimes games can be frustrating and annoying to play. But San Holo takes you to a more calm and serene place when you listen to Show Me. It helps you cool down and regroup, and maybe even help you mediate through that level you just can’t figure out.

“Sand” – Atlas (Prod. Tomppabeats)
Calming down and resetting can be the hardest when you have had a day of competitive gaming. But don’t worry, Atlas can help you calm down and think about a beautiful beach. With some calming beats and amazing lyrics, you can remember all the amazing plays you just had.

“Helix” – Flume
Flume is known for some incredible music. But this song, in particular, is known for its arpeggiated build up. The build-up in tempo gets your heart racing and the notes help you feel your surrounding even though you may be in a game.

“Never too Far” – Sorrow
Sorrow may sound like a dreary name, yet his music offers extremely calming tones and allows you to focus.
This song, in particular, can really place you into any environment that you are playing in (especially fantasy).

“Artifacts” -Eli Filosov
With the sample of 1997 hip hop artist Artifacts and the mix of modern lo-fi beats, this song will cool you down while also keeping you fully immersed.

“Yikes” – Jupe
Yikes is definitely not the emotion that you will feel while listening to this one. A dreamy feeling is all you will be left with. There is no better way to relax near the end of a session.


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