The Shuffle: Your post-summer setlist

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Entertainment

By Eli O’Donnell 

As we come into another school year, make new friends or reunite with old ones, one thing permeates the air: everyone is swapping songs from the summer. Here’s your post-summer setlist that’s sure to get you amped for class. 

“Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)” – Quindon Tarver and Josh Abrahams
This one is interesting. The dialogue that makes up the lyrics is a graduation speech for the class of ’99. The whole thing is set to music and is full of great advice to take into the oncoming semesters.

“C.E.O.” – The Happy Children
Subtle, relaxed and vibey. C.E.O. delivers on the message that getting older takes you to new places, creates new experiences and creates opportunity.

“Ripple (Live at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA 10/04/80)” – Grateful Dead
A jammy acoustic tune, perfect for some easy listening. Perfect for the upcoming transition into fall.

“Do Ya Thing” – Gorillaz Prime
For a lot of new students, fresh out of high school, starting post-secondary is freaky. “Do Ya Thing” is all about just being you the best you can. Plus, that synthy bassline just SLAPS.

“Black Bear” – Black Bear
A song about a black bear. Doing all his black bear things. This one calls on the yearning for the freedom we feel when in that class.

“Bones” – Crumb
Your same old homework music not cutting it anymore? Look no further. The snappy little drumline has a very focusing effect. Study sesh approved.

“Slootz House” – King Scrat
Fast, loud and in your face, this garage punk jam comes from the B.C. born band; King Scrat. It’s about waking up after that one party that everyone (or, more realistically, no one) will remember. 

“Chinese New Year” – SALES
Can’t lie, this one comes straight from tiktok. A light summery tune about a fleeting love and a significant change. Relatable and replayable.

“Planet B” – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
King Gizzard’s first taste at thrash metal and continuing a theme they explored in their latest album, Fishing For Fishies. This one is all about climate change, and it’s LOUD.

“Art School” – Remo Drive
An emo bop all about that one person whos just too cool for you, art school (obviously), and that deep angst that creeps up now and again.

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