The Shuffle: The Stoner Playlist

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Entertainment

By Chantal Dunn

Whether you’re looking for pre or post-sesh tunes, we have a playlist that keeps the good vibes rolling throughout.

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The Pixies – “Hey”
This is a classic off their album, Doolittle. The instrumentation of the song is really easy to fall into. The verses have a repeating guitar riff that would pull any classic alternative lover in. The chorus rings out strong with longer chords and guitar bends, while the bass stays cohesive to the previous guitar riff which is really nice. There are big emphasized beats with the kick drum and the lyrics to grab at your attention.

Dan Deacon – “When I Was Done Dying”
This song has tons of comments under it like “First time I saw this was on LSD and it moved me” or “One of my most favourite tripping vids of all time.” Enough said.

Tame Impala – “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”
The whole band describes themselves as “Australian psychedelic rock.” With the floaty vocals and light synth it’s easy but immersive to listen to. There is an overall positive major tones which helps lighten any mood.

Sofi Tukker – “Purple Hat”
This song is really interesting in that it begins with very bassy vocals and a techno feel. But it then moves into a rocky guitar riff that continues a lot throughout, and the bassy vocals come back over it making the song very trance-like.

stoner music playlist Spotify

Glass Animals – “Hazey”
The instrumentation to this song had a weird turn when one of the band member’s pet rabbit apparently “contributed synth notes to it.” There are also interesting additions of bird calls and a monkey hooting along with Glass Animals’ regular indie vibes. There are lots for the ears to catch.

USS – “2 15/16”
This is one of the older songs by USS. It almost has a reggae beat to it while still being alternative rock. Also, it has the lyrics “you’re like ladybugs turning into jelly beans,” which is fun enough just to imagine.

Borns – “Past Lives”
This song has a lot of dynamics to it. The beginning is very chill and almost comforting, but then the bass kicks in turning it into a very feel-good song. It is definitely one to spread some good vibes.

The Static Shift – “O Captain! My Captain!”
If rockier music is what you need after a couple tokes then this one is for you. It’s low key enough to keep a chill vibe going, but there’s just enough drums to keep it rocky. The main guitar riff is very catchy and easy to jam to.

Jimi Hendrix – “Little Wing”
This one is a classic. The very old-timey groove that the song has is very smooth. There is a lot going on with instrumentation so it’s interesting to see what your ear picks up or pays more attention to.

stoner music playlist Spotify

Mild Orange – “Some Feeling”
“Psychedelic rock” was a term used by this band to describe their music. At the very beginning of the song, there are bird noises and light airy guitar.

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