The Shuffle: New Year, New Tunes

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Entertainment

Most people’s New Year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight or saving money, something super adulty and so mainstream.

This year I’m vowing to become more hipster than I already was and listen to even more bands you’ve probably never heard of.

This playlist is as ‘new music’ as it gets. Each song was released in 2021, and brings its own unique style. But we aren’t even a month in yet? True hipsters are on it as soon as the song is released (maybe even beforehand) and liked it before it was cool.

You can listen to the full playlist here.

Behind the Sun by Skinshape
Aside from the occasional “ahhhh” this song is an instrumental, with chill Latin vibes. It definitely sounds like a lot of other Skinshape’s songs…but in the best way possible. This song will fit nicely in any chill study playlist with its calming rhythm and soothing guitar tone.

Tried My Best by Kevin Holiday, Jackie Moonbather
Who doesn’t love a song with sad lyrics and a fun rhythm that makes the bones move. That’s this song. It’s got a beat and a strong synth that just makes a listener dance and cry at the same time. Although the theme of the song is that Kevin Holiday is tired of trying his best and he’s “gonna give up” the song ends on the lighter note of “one day at a time, take it slowly, take it easy, on myself…”.

I Feel High by Poolside, Ben Browning
Another groovy, synth-heavy song…this one is way less sad. The title says it all and describes the song perfectly. The disco-esk synth and smooth beat leaves the listener feeling those high vibes.

Don’t Blow Your Mind by Thee Oh Sees
Take a seat for this one, this song is a whopping 13 minutes long of pure ‘wtf is happening’. It’s got an early Pink Floyd feel where the band is playing with a lot of different sounds, and to some, might not be the most pleasant. But a true hipster bleeds this kind of stuff. It’s hard to describe what exactly is happening in the song, but it’s a trip nonetheless.

Emotion ft. Wild Nothing by Molly Burch
This is another perfectly emotionally confusing mix of groovy and sad. The funky bass and upbeat rhythm makes the bones move but the lyrics hit the feels.

Peur des Filles by L’impératrice
Sometimes it’s nice to have no idea what the song is saying because it’s in another language, it enhances the pure vibe of the song. The vibe of this song is super groovy, and very Night at the Roxbury-esk. It’s very funk-bass heavy and has some killer organ runs. Google translated the title to “Fear of Girls” which adds an extra layer of mystery and sass to the song.

Can’t Leave it Alone by Aaron Frazer
This passive-aggressive jazzy mix is something not to be left alone. It’s got a punchy piano line, a wicked bassline and some sassy woodwinds in the back. This song got released with four other singles, all of which are just as smooth, jazzy, and sassy, and the only other songs Aaron Frazer has put out…so be extra hipster and follow him on Spotify right now.

To the Guy Who Stole My Bike by The Dirty Nil
This is another passive-aggressive jam, but this one is a little more raw and grungy. It’s got a slow sludgy sound, with a message that hits the soul… “I was angry, I’m still now. But we will break even when we’re in the ground.” Deep stuff. And like any good emotionally hard-hitting alt-rock song it includes a minute and a half guitar break down with a tone to mouth guitar the sh*t out of.

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