The Shuffle: Money Edition

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Entertainment

Can money really buy happiness? With so many people invested in working to get more money, we often forget what the real meaning of life is. Many have the misconception that “having money means you have everything” but it literally does the opposite and people forget to live in the moment.

These songs will get anyone thinking whether money or happiness weighs more.

You can listen to the full playlist here.

Price Tag by Jessie J ft. B.o.B

Price Tag is classic and deserves a spot on this list. This song’s upbeat tempo, catchy guitar melody with the singer’s voice will have everybody vibing. The song tells us that because of fame and money, we get carried away, therefore blinding us. The song encourages everyone to celebrate their differences and not put a price on everything like putting a price on our own happiness.

Satisfied Mind by Jeff Buckley

This song so much emotion and the lyrics are so very powerful. Starting with a minute of a mellow guitar tune and attention-grabbing vocals by the singer. Buckley bellows, “Money can’t buy back your youth when you’re old, but one thing’s for certain when it comes my time, I’ll leave this old world, with a satisfied mind.” This message is just so strong and absolutely true.

Money On My Mind by Sam Smith

This song comes from an artist perspective. From the lyrics, “I never wanted more, I don’t have money on my mind, I do it for the love,” tells us the genuine love they want to give to their fans and how they want to be able to share their craft. The chorus with the singer’s angelic voice conveys the love given is the love to give back.

Gold Digger by Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx

An oldie but a goodie and so hard not to dance to. This is an early 2000s hit. The song is about a wealthy man who falls in love with a woman with a past who manipulates him for financial gain. The song peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 2005. Gold Digger is a classic Kanye West song.

Billionaire by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars

The reggae guitar tune with upbeat drums made this song one of the hits. Bruno Mars starts it right off with how being a billionaire will help attain fame and fortune, “seeing my name in shining light,” The dreams of many to get their foot into Hollywood and live life like the king of the world.

Mo Money, Mo Problems by The Notorious B.I.G

This song was from 24 years ago but it still slaps. The background vocals and the beat will take you back to the ’90s where everything was chill. The song is exactly what the title means, “The more money we come across, the more problems we see.”

For the Love of Money by The O’Jays

This soul/funk song will get anyone grooving across the floor. With incredible bass playing, smooth saxophone, and superb vocals, this song is about people going to great extents to get money. Going so far as stealing, “For the love of money, people will rob their own brother, don’t let money fool you,” The lyrics are as real as what happens in the everyday world.

If I Had $1,000,000 by BareNaked Ladies

This one had to be included at all costs. The title of this song literally speaks for itself. By a Canadian band, it incorporates a super catchy tune and blended voices by the band. The song is about what can be bought with a million dollars. The small dialogues within the song add humour and make it unique in its own way.

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