The Shuffle: Lost in Nostalgia

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Entertainment

Ever since the pandemic hit, many people long to feel the nostalgia of the good times. Maybe it was hanging out with friends until morning or past vacations with a lover. These songs will take people back to those moments they yearn for, making them press replay to “live it” again.

Lucky Love by Michael Seyer

The song starts with a minute of a blissful guitar solo and other elements that make it reminiscing of a sweet time in the past. The instruments are laid back and slow but sound slightly seductive to the ears. This song will make a person take the hand of their lover and slow dance on their apartment balcony. The lyrics with the singer’s voice will make anyone melt. This song screams “love in the air”.

Young by Vacations

The title of this song gives it away: memories of youth and pure vulnerability. With a rich guitar tune, many would feel like they have heard this song before. The guitar almost adds sadness for those long-gone moments but is also what makes the song one of the band’s hits.

Crush by Cigarettes After Sex

This is such a banger. It is filled with so much emotion and romance. This song has a hypnotic guitar, drums and bass. The whole dream-pop vibe offers so much more than what a song should deliver. The lyrics are a combination of love and lust, “I wanna fuck your love slow,” evokes the feeling of love with a passion.

Teenage Blue by Dreamgirl

This song tells of happy times where love made life go round but adds that bittersweet tune. Aside from being wholesome, it incorporates a ‘60s doo-wop influence. The singer’s voice adds the personality, it is hypnotic, angelic, and a pleasure to the ears. The instrumental elements add delicateness to the song.

I Don’t Know You by The Marias

This song is purely mesmerizing and composed perfectly. The singer’s voice will pull a listener in. It’s as sweet as honey. The one sweep of each guitar chord captures the whole vibe and sounds so pleasing.

You Might Be Sleeping by Jakob Ogawa ft. Cairo

This song’s dreamy tune will make people listen to it over and over. The lyrics are filled with words of love: “When I think about you boy my sadness disappears,” much like how someone thinks about their partner. The voice of both singers adds so much character and aesthetic to the song.

Lies in the Eyes of Love by Part Time

This song serves ‘80s retro vibes. This band’s psychedelic pop and soft rock style of composing is a total jam. Towards the end comes a seductive saxophone moment which makes the whole song. This one’s gonna make people start dancing.

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