The Shuffle: Late Night Tracks

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Entertainment, Uncategorized

By Jared Gomes
With the nights getting longer and colder, there is a certain vibe that is to be appreciated. This is the playlist for going on a late-night drive or a walk around the city to take in Edmonton’s unique nighttime atmosphere and lights.

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Pieces of the people That We Love by The Rapture
The steady bass in this song makes it a nice cruising song. The effect that the vocalist used along with the melodic honking of horns makes it a great way to start off the night.

Tightrope by Walk The Moon
This song uses the guitars and drums to its advantage. Another late-night cruising song setting the vibe with its poppy nature.

Busy Earnin’ by Jungle
This chill cruising song almost feels like a celebration, but its use of muted instruments and bass really has a chill but pumped effect.

Mood by Felix Cartal
Canadian DJ Felix Cartel’s hit, Mood, is a great one that really gives off those late-night city vibes. This song is about having a good time and plays a lot with the female vocals, which really makes it pop.

Solitude by The FatRat & Slaydit
This partnership between TheFatRat and Slaydit is an amazing track to behold. The song starts with guitar and the sound effects of a fair, setting the place of a carnival, till the bass drops and hits with something magical.

Wild Hearts Never Die by Olsén & Jonathan Eng feat. Linnea Olsson Daniel
All the songs on this album have a dream-like quality to them which is amazing for a late-night drive. Wild Hearts Never Die, which feels like an upbeat anthem, is something to listen to while admiring the city lights. It is calming, but at the same time exciting.

Midnight Train by DJ Okawari feat. Emi Meyer
DJ Okawari’s use of piano in his songs has always been amazing and this one is no different. His use of piano chords really helps to install the longing felt in the song. Despite this it still has a steady bass and catchy lyrics which makes it a great late-night bop.

Night Running by Shin Sakiuria feat. AAAMYYY
A little bit of J-pop never hurt anybody. Part of the chorus loosely translates to ‘a shimmery light runs across the sky, let us fly around as we like and run more freely from now on’. The freedom and the shimmering lights of the city are the exact feelings this song instills.

Blinding Lights by The Weekend
An amazing song with a retro feel. The use of the synth really brings in the 80’s, a time of neon lights and bright colours. A perfect jam to listen to while admiring Edmonton’s outdoor Neon Sign Museum.

To The Top by Twin Shadow
This is an amazing song to play while staring out the window looking at the passing cars reminiscing about everything that has happened. It is mellow but at the same time upbeat creating the perfect closing vibe.

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