The Shuffle: Fall Fever

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Entertainment

By Tate Laycraft

With the fall semester underway, it’s essential that we discover the songs that will accompany our success (and failure) throughout the coming months. This one is for the highs and lows of your fall season. Sit back, relax and enjoy or wallow in the Nugget’s Fall Fever Playlist.

“This Charming Man” – The Smiths
This track will add a shot of adrenaline to your late-night study session. Melancholic, yet optimistic vocals will back up your decision to hole up on campus instead of going out. This jam has a jangly guitar riff that will send shivers down your spine.

“Feel Like A Fool” – Kali Uchis
For the moments of foolishness that we can’t escape, it’s all part of the learning process, baby. It also screams shades of Amy Winehouse.

“Seattle Party” – Chastity Belt
Stepping away from the embrace of student stress, this tune puts emphasis on finding time to unwind. It’s all about having a good time.

“South Migration” – In Search of Sasquatch
An exclusive statement from the Calgary band:
“South Migration is emblematic of a certain point in our life as a band. While it’s maintained the feeling of teetering on the edge of chaos like a car haphazardly balanced on two wheels, there’s something that’s remained comforting in the opportunity it offers to fully let loose every time we play it.”
The song also provides an opportunity to let loose with every listen. Vocalist Shane Andrews adds a message specifically for the students of NAIT: “Follow your dreams.”

“I’m Your Dog” – Joy Again
An indie-rock fusion that builds before climaxing with a beautifully messy jam session. This is a piece about finding independence and ditching what drags you down.

“Everybody Here Hates You” – Courtney Barnett
Barnett speaks of an all too relatable thought; sharing her experience before ultimately talking the listener off the ledge of anxiety.

“Dark Red” – Steve Lacy
Lacy tells of a paranoid anxiousness while idealizing his idea of happiness and love with a one and only. It’s heavy stuff.

“Tossing Tears” – Twin Peaks
A song that echoes the confusion of sadness before exploding into a cheerful Beatles-esque outro.

“Mushaboom” – Feist
Dreams of the future are contrasted to the grind of the present. Perfectly fitting for anyone in pursuit of a long-term goal; like a degree, diploma or certificate.

“Live Forever” – Oasis
An anthem that neglects negativity and all that is wrong with the world. This track encourages you to be yourself, regardless of what others think.

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