The Shuffle: Edmonton Artists

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Entertainment

By Eli O’Donnell

With live events still canceled for the foreseeable future I won’t be able to live out my favorite pastime: going to see local music. There’s just something about standing front row while one of the city’s finest sings a track that you literally can’t hear anywhere else. The weird “ok so this one is pretty unfinished but here’s how it goes” singles and the “hey I just dropped this on my soundcloud” cuts.

In honor of local shows going under for a while, here are ten songs by YEG originals that you can’t find in any other city, all on Spotify.

1. Cab’Ral – Pills
We’ve got a fresh drop first. Pillz is the newest track by the vampiric Cab’Ral. The video that launched with this one is also worth a watch if you’d like to see what Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video might have looked like if it was released in 2020.

2. Rai – Badly ft. Ntwali
Always a crowd pleaser, if you’ve ever been to a show where these two are present, chances are you’ve heard Badly. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Ntwali invite Rai on stage to join him for this track.

3. Arlo Maverick – Black Everyday
Another fresh drop, this time from Edmonton OG Arlo Maverick. Black Everyday talks about the approperation of black culture, the rise of racial activim after the murder of George Floyd and the black squares of June 2.

4. Kesara – Lonely
I seriously have no idea how this isn’t more popular. The first time I heard Lonely, my friend played it at my place. For the next four days I was wondering what this top 40’s song that was stuck in my head was. Turns out it was a local girl who definitely needs way more exposure.

Devious has always been one of my favorites thanks to his signature sinister production style. He does all his own production and has been for years, even before he started rapping. Rumor has it that he’s sitting on thousands of unreleased beats, just waiting for the right lyrics.

6. The Wet Secrets – I Can Swing A Hammer
This track sounds like if Ghost B.C. was a canadian indie-rock band and I am there for it.

7. Katie & the Wildfire – Ringing
Something more relaxed, this one just makes me want to go and sit in a coffee shop for 6 hours straight.

8. Aladean Kheroufi – Nothing Ever Changes
Every single instrument on this track was played by Kheroufi and edited together. This creates some pros and cons: Con, the song sounds totally different live. Pro, the song sounds TOTALLY different live and lends itself to a more acoustic, unplugged vibe. Big plus.

9. Jesk and A.Jay White – Something Bout’ You
Straight VIBES.

10. Altameda – Losing Sleep
Two words, ROCK and ROLL! If you’re looking for something to bang your head to, these guys are a must see. This cymbal and key heavy cut brings me right back to that good ol’ rock n’ roll.

BONUS: Good Information – TBA
Something to look forward to: Good Information posted a shot of them on their instagram with the caption “Hello. It’s been a minute. We hope you’re well. We’re dropping music this fall. Thought you’d like to know that. :)”

This will be their first released recordings for the jazzy, beat focused group, and hopefully we can catch it on Spotify.

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