The Shuffle: Celebrating Artists of Colour

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Entertainment

The beauty of music is that people can express themselves through songs and lyrics, and without artists like Beyoncé making music, who would people listen to when they need to feel empowered? Black History Month calls for a playlist full of strong, groundbreaking artists of colour.

Where This Flower Blooms by Tyler, The Creator Ft. Frank Ocean
Two amazing artists came together in this song. Tyler, The Creator has broken boundaries with his music and the artist he wants to be. The ‘Flower Boy’ album became iconic, from the impeccable album cover to the hit songs. Tyler, The Creature brings a unique style of music and this song is no exception. At the beginning and end of Where This Flower Blooms, there’s a beautiful classical feel that gives a sense of serenity.

Vertigo by Khalid
With lots of songs, people tend to put their focus on the movement of the instruments in the back, but with Vertigo there’s an obligation to listen to the lyrics. “Are we better off believin’ what the ignorance suggests,” are the first lyrics of the song, and throughout other verses, it goes into more details explaining that his life would be easier if he followed the blind.

XO by Beyoncé
For people lacking a little Beyoncé in their playlist, this is definitely a song to add. XO is about love, finding someone, and being blind to anyone else around. They’re all someone sees, thinks about, and is the only person someone wants to be with.

Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti and The Spearhead
This is a feel-good song that can’t help but put smiles on faces. The song celebrates love and everything it can provide. There isn’t a straight line to find love and no one can tell someone what that love should look like.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) by Whitney Houston
An absolute classic song that makes anyone want to get up and dance. Whitney Houston grew to have one of the most loved and recognized voices on the radio and to this day has songs that will continue to be played for many more decades to come. I Wanna Dance with Somebody has an upbeat ‘80’s vibe to it, which is understandable since it was released in 1987.

Purple Rain by Prince and The Revolution
Purple Rain is a mix of emotions. It’s a song that takes slow groovy tunes and hard emotions about love and heartbreak to a different level. Prince was a phenomenal musician and never ceased to amaze everyone with his ability to create a wide range of music and this song is a product of everything he had to offer as an artist.

Love on the Brain by Rihanna
This song is a product of its title. It’s full of relatable lyrics and focuses on the inability to do anything other than think about the quickest way to get to their lover.

Superstition by Stevie Wonder
The impressive instrumentals in this song give off hip, happy, rad vibes. Undeniably an awesome song from Stevie Wonder and one that speaks to lots of listeners, although many probably wouldn’t agree with the lyrics: “Superstition ain’t the way.”

All Night Long (All Night) by Lionel Richie
It’s hard not to dance along to this song. With an extremely upbeat tempo and fun lyrics, it’s impossible not to jam along with the music. The song talks about having a great time partying, dancing and inviting anyone and everyone to join in on the good time.

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