The Shuffle: Anti-Valentines

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Entertainment

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, folks are running around to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. This shuffle goes out to all the single bodies out there – newly single or just forever alone.

Listen to the full playlist here.

Potential Breakup Song by Aly & AJ
Easily the anthem of break-up songs, Aly & AJ express their frustration flawlessly through these cut-throat lyrics. The powerful guitar and drums combo is energizing, mixed in with just enough aggression to say good riddance to that awful ex. This track is truly a timeless masterpiece.

Out of Love by Alessia Cara
This song will have you crying on the bathroom floor at 3 a.m. Written from a friend’s perspective, Alessia Cara knocks it out of the park with this emotional piece about falling out of love. A simple piano and strings lead the song, but the main event being the lyrics itself.

Losing You by Solange
With Losing You, Solange delivers the perfect example of a song that has depressing lyrics to a groovy beat. The funky synths and 808’s accompanied with the bass create a smooth, mellow feel. The lyrics explore the feelings of a loved one slowly drifting away. Like the previous song, sometimes it’s hard to come to terms that one can fall out of love.

Nothing Burns Like the Cold by Snoh Aalegra
In this song, Snoh Aalegra explores the events that happen just before a break-up. Both parties are almost in mutual agreement. The feel of the song is created with the piano, strings, and 007 sounding horn section, creating a sense of urgency. This song was meant to be listened to with a fancy outfit on and a wine glass in-hand.

I Wish I Missed My Ex by Mahalia
Another upbeat, jazzy break-up song that is extremely catchy. This song is for those clingy exes who are always calling and asking to get back together again. The guitar, synth, and brass sections are electrifying, adding that extra kick to the carefree track.

Dead To Me by Kali Uchis
The title of the song speaks for itself, Dead to Me is a bubblegum pop song with a killer instrumental. The beat is infectious with its outer-space-inspired synths and sweet 808’s. Anyone post-breakup can easily relate to this song and the feeling of wanting to cut ties from an ex.

Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out by Mayer Hawthorne
This soulful 1950’s inspired track brings to light yet another failed romance where one has simply fallen out of love. With its layered harmonies and relaxed beat, one can’t help but be reminded of Motown, providing listeners with a nice throwback feel.

Heartless by Kanye West
A classic among Kanye West fans, Heartless is heavily equipped with catchy lyrics and a chilly instrumental. The drums and 808’s perfectly complement each other and give listeners a sudden chill. Try listening to this song without bopping along to the beat – it’s impossible.

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