The Shuffle: 420

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Entertainment

Everyone knows music sounds better after a big bowl of…salad…

This playlist contains all the jams a good shesh needs.

Addiction by Doja Cat
A lot of the songs on this list are like this one: rich and robust sounding with a lot of rumbly bass. Pair that with some soundproof headphones or a good speaker and the song turns into this sick, immersive-feeling experience.

One More Time by Daft Punk
This song gets anyone so unbelievably hyped even after a bowl of indica. The beat is so contagious it makes the body need to dance. This song is reminiscent of all those music festivals and dancing the night away.

A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Universe by Foster the People
This song isn’t just a song to listen to…it’s a song to listen to. It’s robust and rich and rumbly like the Doja Cat song, but tells a story worth hearing.

New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala
Would it be a young adult’s toking playlist without some Tame Impala? This song makes anyone feel like they’re blazing in a hazy house party with a bunch of hot hippies.

Wild by Beach House
Straight up every song from the album, Bloom, could be on this playlist. But this song in particular is extra special. It’s Rumbly, synthy, and has lots of layers to sink into.

When You Sleep by my bloody valentine
The high frequencies of this song soar through the brain while the mids cocoon the ears in a blanket of comfort.

Uncatena by Sylvan Esso
Another song that makes me feel submerged in the sound. Most Sylvan Esso could be in this playlist – they’ve got that synthy sound with the eardrum shaking bass that is just so fun to listen to when high.

Brokendate by Com Truise
This is a good moody, bassy instrumental song. It surrounds the listener and carries them away.

Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac
This song has so many layers. Every time someone listens, they can hear something different. The mid-frequency synths are so comforting and the background vocals are so soothing, while the bass is super funky.

Tiny Anthem by The M Machine
This song sums up every song mentioned so far. If a song has synths, big rumbly bass, a bit of an atmospheric sound, and lots of layers, it’ll be fun to listen to while high.

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