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by | Nov 8, 2019 | Entertainment

By Emily Devereux

Podcast recommendations are easy to come by with a quick search on the internet, but did you know there are tons of podcasts made right in our backyard? Whether you’ve never listened to a podcast, or are already an avid listener of the ‘casts, here’s a sampling of what the Alberta Podcast Network has to offer.

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Alberta Podcast Network

Speaking Municipally – Mack Male and Troy Pavlek
If you think a podcast about Edmonton’s municipal politics sounds boring, I am here to tell you that you are wrong. With vegetable puns and the antics of City Council included in every episode, you can be informed and entertained all in one podcast-shaped package.

Modern Manhood – German Villegas
German interviews people about their relationship to their masculinity, and what being a man means to them in this day and age. Essential discussions on healthy masculinity, mentorship and the complexity of navigating media can be found here. German is also the MC at Next Gen Men’s Wolf Pack YEG meetings and recordings of speakers from these events can be found on the feed as well.

Let’s Find Out – Chris Chang-Yen Phillips
Have questions about the history of our city? Former Edmonton Historian Laureate Chris Chang-Yen Phillips digs into the answers alongside curious Edmontonians. The current season is focused on tackling questions about how humans and nature have shaped each other in Edmonton.

Press Start to Join – Josh Shenfield and Alan Techsmith
They sell a shirt that says, “Let’s argue about Star Wars,” if that gives you any indication of what nerdery you might find here. Josh and Alan talk all things gaming, media, tech and news in this long-running podcast.

This is Adulting – Jack Phavone, Danielle Newman, and Lindsay Oulton
The Adulting crew discusses issues that come up as we become full-fledged adults—things like, how to maintain friendships, attaining work/life balance and how the heck weddings and automobile tires work.

Let’s Do Coffee – Presented by NAIT’s Mawji Centre
I can’t forget to mention this podcast, as it’s produced right here at NAIT! This seasons Radio students are taking the lead in both post-production of the show and interviewing guests—either NAIT students or alumni—about entrepreneurship.

Back to School Again – Katrina Ingram
Katrina has returned to school as an adult and interviews other mid-life learners on their journeys back to the classroom. She discusses with them why they decided to return to school and how they balance their lives.

Don’t Call Me a Guru – Linda Hoang
Linda is a NAIT alumni, digital strategist and blogger. (Also she founded the Edmonton International Cat Festival–how great is that?) On this podcast, she interviews other social media people about their strategies.

That’s a Thing?! – Elizabeth Spencer and Karen Unland
Two generations collide as Elizabeth explains the teen culture to her mom, Karen. It’s fun to listen to whether you’re already meme-savvy, never heard of Fortnite or if you’re halfway between knowing what’s up and being clueless like I am.

Podcasts Alberta Podcast Network, Edmonton Podcasts

Alberta Podcast Network

Emily Missed Out – Emily Devereux and Breanne Byrne
Okay, gotta level with you—this is my shameless plug for my own podcast. I’ve been living in a cave and haven’t seen tons of pop-culturally relevant movies. Still, my friend Breanne is guiding me through all the references, tropes, and notable people that I really should know. Don’t miss out on me trying not to miss out.

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