The 5 best cafés to study at

by | Oct 16, 2023 | Opinion

Last month, we talked about places around NAIT’s campus that are good for studying. But the stress of school can sometimes get to you, so studying off campus might intrigue you. Here are a few places I’d suggest taking a look at.

Photo via Block 1912

Block 1912

10361 Whyte Avenue NW

Originally opening its doors in the year of 1912, this café is an important staple of Edmonton. It was even designated as a historic site in 2016. Though Block 1912 has gone through a few changes since the pandemic started, it still has that same chilled out vibe to it. Comfortable seating, including couches and armchairs, compliments the bookshelves and incandescent lighting. This all comes together to create a wonderfully cozy atmosphere.

And if you’re looking for a snack or drink, you can get a variety of hot drinks, pastries and even gelato here.

Remedy on Jasper Ave

10279 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

Remedy is well known for its mixture of coffee culture and Indian/Pakistani food. There’s a wide variety of hot and cold drinks you can get (my personal favourite is the Ocean Fog) and I’ve never had a bad experience with their food. Whenever I order from them I always make sure to get a side of naan, which is some of the best in Edmonton in my opinion.

Outside of the food and drink, there’s a lot of natural light and seating to provide a comfortable yet upbeat vibe.

The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse

9351 118 Avenue

I hadn’t had a chance to stop by the Carrot before I started writing this. I honestly like it there. There’s a lot of natural light and the internal lighting isn’t harsh at all. You’re also unlikely to have trouble finding somewhere to study. They have couches, tables with comfortable seating and a bar skirting the window.

When I visited it for the article, there was an acoustic jam happening. This provided some low-key music while I was doing some of my own studying. The place is also full of work from local artists with CDs made by local musicians sold at the front.

The Carrot is volunteer-run as well. Because of this, you get a friendly, welcoming environment that anybody could enjoy. The coffee isn’t bad either.

Bean Around the World

10510 111 Street NW

Photo via Instagram, @batw_edmonton

This is the only cafe I haven’t gone to on this list. But taking a look at some pictures of the interior and reading some reviews, I knew this fit right in.

There’s a lot of seating, a lack of harsh lighting and plenty of greenery to make you feel as comfortable as possible. As a cafe, they have a wide variety of beverages, pastries and sandwiches to offer as well.

Their in-house brand of coffee is also fair trade and a portion of the proceeds go toward supporting schools in third-world countries. With all that, you can feel good about the coffee you’re drinking while you study.

Chicken for You

This last entry on our list isn’t actually a café, but instead a fried chicken restaurant. Chicken for You has a genuinely comfy vibe. You get your own stall with comfortable seating and walls set up around you. The chicken is good too. You have a large selection of wings as well as burgers and fries. They even have a fair amount of imported sodas. From time to time they’ll have k-pop concerts playing on their TV, but that often acts like background music akin to a radio station. So if you haven’t already, give Chicken for You a try.

Cover photo via Remedy

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