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Summer Mixtape #7 – Sad Emo Throwbacks

It’s 2006. You’ve just gotten home; hair freshly dyed, eyeliner just reapplied; and popped open your hand-drawn mix CD, and put it in the CD player. Sit back, let your hair fall to cover your eyes, and brood over these “sad, emo throwbacks”.


  1. Welcome to the Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
  2. Misery Business – Paramore
  3. Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
  4. The Bird and The Worm – The Used
  5. Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace
  6. Face Down – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  7. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows – Brand New
  8. Last Resort – Papa Roach
  9. I’m Just a Kid – Simple Plan
  10. Girl’s Not Grey – AFI
  11. In The End – Lincoln Park
  12. Flavor of the Weak – American Hi-Fi
  13. Jumper – Third Eye Blind
  14. Hero – Family of the Year
  15. Sugar, We’re Going Down – Fall Out Boy

– Nikita Eleniak

Stay tuned for a new Summer Mixtape every week!



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