Nest Eatery wins “Best Campus Bar” 8 years in a row

by | Dec 15, 2023 | News

he Nest has secured yet another win of “Best Campus Bar” in the Best Bar None (BBN) awards, making this their eighth consecutive victory. The team found out at the 14th annual awards ceremony, where 75 local bars and restaurants gained accreditation in the program. 

“The accolade is such a great achievement, but really it’s a testament to the hard work of the Nest employees,” said Michelle Dirksen, General Manager of the Nest. “We have really powerful visions and this Best Bar None accolade is definitely part of it.”

Best Bar None is an accreditation program that promotes “the responsible management and operation of liquor-licensed premises,” the website says. To gain accreditation, establishments must meet a series of criteria and pass an assesment. Some of the criteria include written zero-tolerance policies on serving alcohol to minors, having fully stocked first aid kits and having up-to-date food permits and licenses. To win a BBN award, establishments must go above and beyond the basic mandatory requirements of the accreditation process. A judging panel decides both winners and runner-ups for each category, which include distinctions like “Best Bar,” “Best Hotel Bar,” “Best Large Pub,” and “Best Campus Bar.” 

Dirksen attributes the win to the hard work of the staff and their “culture of people all trying to do the same thing.” 

“As Nest Managers, we can’t watch every employee all the time, and we can’t make people act how we want … so when a curveball comes, good or bad, we all know how to handle it instead of all running in different directions,” said Dirksen. 

Although the awards for this year just occurred, the team is already focused on their next goal: winning 10 years in a row. “We’re already focused on 10 [years in a row] … so let’s go forward and let’s get 10.” 

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