NAIT’s Campus Activities Board Is On The Hunt For New Hires

by | Jul 19, 2021 | News

NAITSA’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) plays a major role in all the fun, interactive activities that happen on campus or online.

Throughout the past year, they’ve managed to find engaging ways to bring friendly and entertaining activities in a virtual setting. With the return of on-campus learning in September, CAB is searching for both a Promotions Coordinator and a Clubs Marketing person to help bring the events back with a bang.

Jorgia Moore, Vice President Internal at NAITSA, oversees CAB and is hoping that next year will bring good opportunities for new recruits to get a taste of on-campus events.

“Obviously, we’ll have a little bit more safety things in place. I think they’ll always be in place moving forward, but we’ll also still have online options for those students that don’t feel comfortable returning to campus or not returning to campus. So we have a little bit more variety this year than usual, but we still want to have those typical in-person events at the same time,” said the former CAB member.

These positions are only available to students enrolled at NAIT, and they can apply through NAITSA’s website. Once the application has been made, there will be an email sent out to schedule an interview date.

“There’s no set date as to when applications are closing, we’re just going to kind of see what type of interest we get, but [the positions] will be for starting in September,” said Moore.

“[These are] one-year positions. [They] will be a little less than a year just because we’re hiring after the rest of the team. It’ll be until April of next year, and then you can always reapply as long as you’re still a student [at NAIT].”

The positions require very personable and social people due to the number of events that go on, and there’s an ample amount of training that goes on to prepare oneself for when activities start to pile on.

Moore emphasizes the importance of having an open mind when it comes to these opportunities with CAB.

“I went in with no event experience, and they totally train you on how to do everything. My first event was at The Nest campus bar, and [I remember] being so nervous, but everyone was there to support, and it was a big success,” said Moore.

“So just being willing to learn, obviously having good school spirit because the whole point is to make the NAIT campus better, and yeah, it’s just a really awesome position. We have a huge variety of students, and I made lifelong friends when I was a part of that.”

Each position offers an hourly wage of $18 an hour, being paid for the hours spent on event working and planning. Moore says the roles are also very flexible to accommodate student life.

“Events are at a lot of different times, so you can kind of sign up that way, and the only thing that’s mandatory is there are CAB meetings about once every two weeks, but other than that you can go around and pick it up based on your schedule,” said Moore.

Check out Promotions Coordinator and Clubs Marketing for application forms.

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