NAIT offers sneak peek

by | Feb 10, 2019 | News, Uncategorized

By: Chantal Dunn

NAIT has developed a series of events to give prospective students the chance to test run different programs. The student recruitment department said that the popularity and attendance has increased every year.

Program Previews began three years ago and are available in the JR Shaw School of Business, the School of Health and Life Sciences, International Student and ESL Learner, the School of Applied Sciences and Technology, and the School of Skilled Trades. Chris Womack, the manager of student recruitment and events, explains that these programs were developed to provide students with clarity when they are confused about the different schools and program options.

Students are able to visit multiple Program Previews organized by campus events and students are required to reserve their spot in the Program Preview. “Any prospective student can explore a couple of programs in that school, to make sure that they’re making the right choice about which one they think is the right fit for them,” said Womack. After information sessions, depending on the chosen program, students are able to watch a lab or another hands-on activity.

“The whole idea is to get them in front of the program experts so they can share information,” said Womack.

The student recruitment department outlines that it is more in-depth than the open house because the information is specific to one program of interest. “[Students can] make sure it’s something they’re interested in and could actually see themselves doing it as a career,” said Womack. The goal of the event is to increase the likelihood of student success at NAIT and decrease dropout rates. Womack hopes for an increase in NAIT’s student population, which would help the institution’s development for more clubs, services and funds.

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