NAIT makes moves to diversify trades workforce

by | Mar 9, 2023 | News

NAIT will be hosting a two-day event called “Next in Trades” on March 18 and 25. The Government of Alberta is funding the event through the Alberta at Work initiative; it is designed as a way for people from all backgrounds–especially those in marginalized communities–to gain insight into the skilled trades and what a career entails. The event will take place on NAIT’s main campus for both days of the event

The event is accessible to anyone 16 years old and older. It will include speakers, panel discussions and hands-on workshops to delve into 15 different trades that NAIT offers, including machinery. The first day, March 18, will specialize in helping those who are Indigenous, Black, newcomers, refugees and those in a racialized community. The second day, March 25, will focus on those who identify as being in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

The Dean of NAIT’s School of Skilled Trades, Matt Lindberg, is excited for the opportunity. “NAIT is proud to play a role in reducing barriers to skilled trades education and careers. A career in the skilled trades can provide financial security and independence, benefits and the opportunity to work in many important industries,” said Lindberg.

Similarly, NAIT’s President and CEO, Laura Jo Gunter, spoke on NAIT’s role in diversifying the trades workforce. “NAIT is making skilled trades more accessible, opening well-paying careers to more people. Through these excellent initiatives, prospective students from diverse backgrounds will have the opportunity to experience skilled trades from NAIT experts before enrolling. This will ultimately lead to a more diverse and stronger workforce.”

Cover photo via NAIT Content Collective

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