NAIT loans free gym equipment for home workouts

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By Kallandra Weatherbee

NAIT’s Fitness Equipment Loan Out program allows NAIT staff and students free access to gym equipment in their own homes.

With gym and fitness centres being closed NAIT’s fitness team has put together gym equipment bundles for at home workouts. Students can sign out these bundles from the library for a two week period with in person pick up.

Nash Klimosko, NAIT fitness weight coordinator believes giving students easy access to gym equipment will help with mental health and the stress of day to day life living in a pandemic.

“I personally believe fitness is essential to mental health, and to help with some of the obstacles presented by this pandemic. I just thought it was a need to provide the students with some additional options to book out equipment,” said Kilmosko.

NAIT offers several bundles for all training purposes. Bundles include:

Includes: yoga blocks, bolster, mat, strap and a pilates ball.

Functional training
Includes: CoreFX band, skipping rope, sliders, TRX, and a lacrosse ball.

Includes: Various options.

All bundles can be picked up from the NAIT library in U-building. Bundles are in wheeled bags so students who take public transportation can have access to equipment.

“We made it so any students or staff that are using ETS can still take out a bundle. We put bundles in wheeled casing so you can kind of bring them wherever you want so it doesn’t limit people to having to use their vehicles to get it,” said Klimosko.

Klimosko believes that even after students and staff return to school they’re hoping to keep the loan program going.

“Even after the pandemic’s over once we return to normal operation, we can see it helping distance, part time or online students. It will give them something to use for recreating during times when they’re not studying or in class and that alleviates the need for students and staff to have to come to campus to work out,” said Kilmosko.

Kilmosko also ensured that all the equipment is being cleaned and that they are following all of the Alberta Health and Safety guidelines.

“Once the students or staff return the bundle it goes into a three day layaway. After three day a staff member then goes and cleans it and then it’s ready for reissue,” said Kilmosko.

NAIT also offers a new membership for students called Fitness On Demand where students can find at home workout videos.

More information on bundle availability and pick up times can be found here.

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