NAIT Career Fair Prepares Students

by | Dec 9, 2019 | News, Uncategorized

By Mahmuda Sheikh

In the new year NAIT is hosting a career fair and organizers are encouraging students to come prepared. There will be opportunities to apply for jobs, practice communication skills and network with business professionals.

To support and add more activities to the career fair, NAIT’s career and employment liaison, Nicole Blomme, has organized new events like Launch Your Career.

This event will include a full week of sessions and workshops leading up to the career fair. Workshops will include information about resume tips, successful networking and communication skills.

Blomme suggests students attend some workshops, check the attendee list at and research the companies attending through their own websites.

The fair itself will be hosting over 70 employers with current opportunities, future
opportunities and networking interests. The Photographic Technology department will also be offering free professional headshots.

“This it is not just a chance to find a job, it is a chance to build networks and develop connections with the industry, so even if you are just in your first semester you should still be coming,” said Blomme.

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