Music brings us together

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In a world where everything seems to lead to an argument, it is rare to find that one thing that unifies everyone. Music would seem, at first glance, to not be one of these things. Most people have a genre they are most drawn to, that they wholly identify with, which leads to lengthy debates about the merit of each category.

But when you find that genre you identify with, you find a whole new group of people that can agree on one thing. It spans across age differences, religious beliefs, and politics. In the age of millennials, there are few things that can bridge the generational gap.

The Cult played in Edmonton on July 13, as a part of the Aurora Illumination Concert series. I went with my aunt, a long-time fan of the band, and she talked to me about being nervous that she would be the oldest one there. But when we got there, we discovered it was entirely the opposite. I was quite probably the youngest person there, and it was clear that the millennial age group was outnumbered by Generation X. What does this age gap mean for the concert experience?

Being at this show was like no other concert I’ve ever been at. As soon as the Cult took the stage, everyone was the same. There was no difference in age, or belief, or any other dividing force. Everyone became one mass there for one reason – to experience and enjoy the band. Watching this group of vastly different people meld together as one dancing mob, it became abundantly clear that music is something that people may fight over, but it’s also something that brings people together. Two people could be in the midst of a fight, but when the band comes on-stage and strikes that first chord, all that goes away.

We live in a society today where there is an opinion on everything. You will always be able to find a way to be on opposing sides of a debate. Why not step back, and find something positive to connect on? At the next concert you go to, take a moment to look around you at all the different people coming together to celebrate one thing – music. You are a part of that. The unlikeliest friendships are the ones bonded through music, but they’re also the best ones.

– Nikita Eleniak

Image courtesy of the Aurora Illumination Concert Series

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