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By Nicole Murphy

Weed products designed to help females orgasm during intercourse, women going through menopause, menstrual cramps and pain associated with endometriosis exist, but are not approved for retail in Alberta yet.

The most commercially-popular brand is called Foria. Developed out of the United States, two products include Foria Pleasure and Foria Relief. The Pleasure product contains medical cannabis and liquid coconut oil; designed to help females achieve orgasm. It is applied as a spray in and around the vagina. Foria Relief is a suppository that contains THC, CBD and cocoa butter. This product is designed to help with menstrual cramps and endometriosis pain through placement in the vagina.

With a 2017 Durex Sex Survey saying 76 per cent of Canadian women don’t have regular orgasms during sex, this product could help women in the True North with their down south. Both of these products have rave reviews online and a ton of female testimonials state that it has helped them not only have orgasms, but in some cases to have the best sex of their lives.

But, when will Canadian women be able to experience the benefits of these products that claim to have no psychoactive or ‘head high’ effects?

“I do know a company in Canada grouped up with another company out of the States to develop one of the products that has been approved in Canada, but for some reason it hasn’t been approved yet in Alberta,” said Chris Felgate, co-owner of Small Town Buds in Devon.

“They have marketed [it as], bringing women to orgasm almost instantly. In fact, it is supposed to be a really good product to help women with menopause be able to be sexually active as well.”

Small Town Buds, Alberta’s first fully approved weed shop, will not have this product on their shelves just yet. Although they will be ready to sell a variety of products on legalization day, they are still waiting to see an expanded product list that they can access on Oct. 17.

“I know Alberta has done things a little bit different than other provinces. I believe they are trying to release things slower to the public so it doesn’t give a culture shock, but that is really my own perspective,” said Felgate.

However, the product is on the radar of pot shops like Small Town Buds with the weed lube gaining in popularity in Colorado.

Kind Love, a cannabis dispensary in Denver, Colorado, cannot keep the products on the shelves.

“Some people are really shameless in bringing it up, as it should be. It is a legal and open product. And some people are so much more bashful when asking for it,” said Aurora Filipski, assistant general manager of Kind Love.

“I have boyfriends and husbands coming in asking for it, I have women coming in asking for the jumbo size. It has gotten massively popular, it flies off our shelves – we can’t order it fast enough.”

However there are some considerations if Albertans can get their hands… or rather, vaginas on, these products. You cannot use the Pleasure lube with latex condoms or sex toys, because it is a coconut oil base, which can erode the latex. Also once you apply the product, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to kick in, so the onset time is something to factor in when planning sex with a partner. Finally, there is the age old question of will my vagina have to go to rehab? It is suggested that the sexual experience is so heightened that it may be hard to stop using the Pleasure product, however this could be said about products such as vibrators, too.

“THC-infused lube for women having a stronghold on the industry. I think is really cool because back in the day I don’t think you would see it as publicly talked about, written about or experienced, that openly,” said Filipski.

Photo Source: New Cannabis Ventures

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