Largest Outdoor Back-To-School Celebration Is Back

by | Sep 8, 2021 | News

Nest Fest is a 18+ outdoor back-to-school celebration for NAIT students to meet and mingle. The two day event, happening from 11 a.m to 6 p.m Sep 18 and 19 in the CAT Quad, will consist of local talent, games, food and drink specials. For under $5 you can get a lime lager brewed by The Growlery exclusively for students attending the event.

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It has been a while since NAIT students have celebrated together, and Jorgia Moore, NAITSA’s current VP Internal and past Events Coordinator is excited about this years Nest Fest. “Hopefully lots of students come out, get the chance to mingle safely, and get to know each other [at this] super big welcome back event. There will probably be an appearance from the Ook at some point, and NAITSA will ensure that we’ll be following lots of safety protocols to keep students safe,” said Moore. Nest Fest is happening rain or shine and will be taking safety precautions so that students feel at ease while enjoying a group connection.

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“I love seeing all the new students get a chance to experience their first Ooks Life event, and that sense of identity and fun, that’s always my favorite part. You just have a bunch of very excited students who are meeting new people and experiencing new things and getting that NAIT experience. I always say that being a NAIT student extends far beyond the classroom,” said Moore.

Students can bring a guest and download an event pass for express entry to the event. For more information on Nest Fest and other upcoming events, students can visit the Ooks Life website.

Students will also have the chance to win free food and drink vouchers for Nest Fest during NAIT’s long-running pancake breakfast on Sep 7 and 8.

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Jim Lahey and Randy entertain the crowd at the 2017 Nest Fest.

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