Growing a ‘Stache’ for Charity

by | Nov 23, 2021 | News

Photo via Curtis Hawley Movember Page

Movember is a campaign that takes place every November recognizing men’s mental health, suicide prevention, and prostate and testicular cancer awareness and research. Movember is globally the leading charity for men’s health. 

Curtis Hawley, a previous heavy equipment technician apprentice NAIT grad, is currently doing his own Movember campaign to raise $500. He said he started growing a mustache as a joke with his friends and thought, why not raise money while doing it?

“I might as well raise money. Even if it’s just 45 bucks so far but it’s something [so] why not right?” said Hawley.

Hawley said growing a mustache is a lot of fun. “It’s actually a lot of fun. And I get lots of lots of good comments and chicks dig mustaches these days,” said Hawley

He said that as much as he loves his mustache there are still some downsides to it. 

“Well, food gets in it a lot more. And when you have one like mine, you really have to be on top of taking care of it, like shaping it every day,” said Hawley

He said he thought fundraising the money would be easy going into it, but it has been harder than expected.

“But I [thought] it can’t be that hard. But it’s pretty hard. If people say they’re gonna donate, and then they don’t. So you really got to be on them about it,” said Hawley

Hawley says he is raising money for good karma alone. If people want to donate to Curtis Hawley they can on his movember page or they can donate directly to the Movember website.

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