Fun is closer than you think

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Fun and school – two things most students usually don’t associate with each other. And at NAIT, the immensity of the campus and the mostly industrial surrounding area leads one to believe that not much goes on around there that could possibly be fun. But that is, thankfully, not true. There are plenty of cool and interesting spots around NAIT to check out this upcoming school year.

10418 118 Ave NW

Plaza Bowling is about a five to ten minute walk from NAIT; and it is seriously underrated. Unlike a lot of bowling alleys in Edmonton, Plaza has an old school vibe that offers classic Canadian five-pin bowling, some tasty craft beers and a lot of fun. This family-owned and operated bowling alley first opened in 1959 and maintains the lanes first installed that same year. They also have an awesome afternoon special Tuesdays to Fridays until 5 p.m. with $4.95 games and craft beer sleeves. Bowling is also a great date idea, because striking out is totally the goal.

10740 101 St NW

Padmanadi is one Edmonton’s highest rated vegetarian restaurants, and it’s also extremely close to NAIT. Don’t let the vegetarian aspect scare you though; the flavours and finesse are all there when it comes to their food. Another really cool aspect of Padmanadi is that they host all-you-can-eat buffets throughout the year that are popular and are very kind to a student’s wallet, costing only $20 per person. The next buffet will be held Sept. 21, so set aside some time in your calendars for a relaxing night of stuffing your face.

11410 Kingsway NW

The Alberta Aviation museum is somewhat of a hidden gem to most, showcasing the history of Edmonton’s old airfield. It was previously a lively airfield that served Edmonton’s community for more than 80 years. The museum features more than thirty historic aircrafts, informative guided tours and a restoration area full of aircrafts undergoing repair that is open to the public. For 25 years the Alberta Aviation Museum has been dedicated to preserving and sharing the aviation history of Edmonton, and is an amazing museum for history buffs and even those who have no previous aviation knowledge.

11850 103 St NW

Value Village has many locations around Edmonton and each one offers a different selection of used and thrifted goods to peruse. The closest location to NAIT has an extremely broad and great collection of unique items and is almost always getting new items in. It is every avid thrifter’s dream, and a great way to spend an afternoon. Looking for that perfect sweater, that you know can only be found in a used clothing store? This is the place. Whether your game is old cookie jars or vintage windbreakers, this Value Village is exactly the place for you.

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