Five Flicks to watch for

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Avengers: Infinity War – April 27

Avengers: Infinity War is the third Avengers movie and the 19th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This also marks 10 years since the first MCU movie, Iron Man, was released. It follows the Avengers getting back together after the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016) and Thor Ragnarok (2017), to take on the alien titan known as Thanos. Thanos has been teased in Marvel movies since 2012, which has gotten many superhero fans looking forward to his full appearance this year. Avengers: Infinity War will also mark the first time that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be crossing over and finally joining the heroes of earth in the fight against Thanos.


Life of the Party – May 11

Deanne (played by Melissa McCarthy) is the perfect stay-at-home housewife. That is, until her husband suddenly decides to break up with her. Deanne decides to turn regret into set-back, and goes out to start a new kind of life by going back to college. She ends up taking the same courses as her daughter, so that they could take the same classes together. This middle-aged mother is now going to be living the college life on campus. Her daughter may be focused on school, but Deanne prefers the party life.


Incredibles 2 – June 15

The family of superheroes are back! Incredibles 2 takes place right where the last movie ended. This time, Elastigirl is in the superhero spotlight, as she goes out saving the world on solo missions. Meanwhile, Bob (Mr. Incredible) is staying at home to take care of the kids by himself. This proves to be tough for Bob, especially when the baby, Jack- Jack, still has mystery powers that the family doesn’t know about. Most of the voice cast will be returning, including Samuel Jackson as Frozone, after 14 years since the first movie.


The First Purge – July 4

The First Purge is a prequel horror movie to The Purge franchise. The title is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the very first purge, with a specific theme in mind: Politics. The teaser poster alone is a red baseball cap that is clearly supposed to be the President Trump, “Make America Great Again,” hat. Not much is known about the characters or how the story happens, but from the promotions and the July 4 release date, one can only assume this movie will be a war of political proportions.


Christopher Robin – Aug. 3

Christopher Robin is a wonderful story about to happen. Ewan McGregor plays an older Christopher Robin. He is tired and stressed over his job and misses how fun the world used to be. That is when Winnie the Pooh steps in. That’s right, Christopher Robin is a live action take on Winnie the Pooh set roughly 30 years after the old children’s show we all used to watch. Not much is known about the plot yet, but the teaser trailer online definitely shows that this movie is going to have that magic touch that Disney is known for.

– Hunter Murray

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