Conquering the classics

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This four man army emerging out of Spruce Grove is knocking the city to their knees. The New Conquest is a rock and blues inspired cover band, doing everyone’s favourites from songs like The Ocean by Led Zeppelin to Blood // Water by Grandson. The band initially started when guitar player, David Young, became a regular at the local Music Center Canada and eventually met the owner’s son, Logan Boechler. It was love at first jam, and it was decided that something had to be done. After throwing names around for a month or two, Boechler woke up with the milliondollar name, “The New Conquest.” It wasn’t long after that the two were leading the Thursday night jam sessions at the local bar. They eventually realized that if they wanted to get bigger they were going to need to get louder, that’s when they recruited two more teachers from the music store, bass player, Stecyk James, and drummer, Josh Roberts.

In sitting down with David Young and Stecyk James, they covered some highlights from their busy summer, and gave some insight on the future of the band.

You’ve had a busy summer covering a lot of bars in Edmonton and area, did you have a favourite venue?

James: “I think I can safely say that one of the bands favourite places to play is a small bar in Stony Plain, ‘Moonshiners’. It’s just a small and personal place to play, everyone is usually really nice and respectful of each other there and it just makes for a smooth show. We had a couple at one show there who were dancers and they just ripped up the floor. The vibes are always really good there.”

Do you have any upcoming dates?

Young: “We don’t have anything set in stone yet, however we are in the midst of setting up some dates in October. Follow us on facebook and Instagram for those details.”

In your original work, where do you draw your influences from?

Young: “I listen to a lot of Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. I also bring some blues in with Muddy Waters, and things like that. Oh yeah, and some newer rock like the Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys.”

What’s going to be the next conquest?

James: “Well hopefully now that we are in the slow season we can hunker down and really focus on getting some original work done. We have some songs in the vault but we’re still tweaking them. Hopefully by winter time/early next year we’ll have a few of our own songs, maybe enough for an album … who knows? We are still just having fun with it all.”

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @thenewconquest for updates on upcoming shows and new songs, and catch some of their past shows online and on their YouTube channel.

– Tora Matys


Photos by Tora Matys

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