Beautifully laced and fashionably broke: The price of lingerie

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Entertainment

By A.Jade Munsie

When it comes to undergarments, one thing is certain—women pay considerably more than men. Some can argue that women’s needs are more significant than men’s regarding what goes on underneath our clothing, but others may insist that it’s a societal expectation or marketing ploy for women to spend more than men on their upkeep. 

Regardless of what you believe, many women need the extra support undergarments provide because of the way their body is shaped. However, that’s not justifying an $80 bra, nor is it condoning extravagant expenditures on saucy lingerie that will come off in a matter of minutes anyways. 

Where is the balance between practical and sensible, yet sexy and affordable? 

How are women supposed to justify spending hundreds of dollars on something the size of a hanky while trying to maintain the standard that what women wear underneath their clothing somehow defines them? 

Photos by A.Jade Munsie

Let’s look at lingerie. Lingerie is a luxury item. Chances are, if you’ve ever bought lingerie, you’ve done it for one of two reasons – to wear for someone or to wear for yourself.

But what is it about lingerie that is so captivating?

There’s something about the beauty of seduction – the way chiffon hangs, the touch of lace against the skin, the minimalism that covers just the right amount to leave some mystery. It’s sexy. And you don’t need a partner to realize that. 

Confidence comes from within, and regardless of whether you look like a Victoria’s Secret angel, accentuating the female body with something sultry helps create confidence. But at what price? 

Lingerie is a $1.87 billion industry in Canada. What that means is that, while it’s recommended for women to recycle bras every six months or so, and the average price for a high-quality brazier ranges from $70 to $90, more if it’s custom-tailored—which many women need to ensure preferred support, plus consider the average woman owns roughly seven or eight bras—women will spend potentially over a thousand dollars a year on undergarments. 

So what’s a girl to do?

Online clothing marketers like SHEIN, Dolls Kill and Blush Lingerie have created a world where women don’t have to spend their life savings on a piece of string and some fabric. Better yet, they can look sexy while saving money. 

But then, we bring quality into question. Can women have it all – affordability and functionality? Quality doesn’t have to be the critical factor for a fun moment or a time of basking in self-enjoyment. Wear what makes you feel good. The difference between a $40 teddy and a $100 teddy may not be noticeable to another’s eye or even touch—and if it’s what you want, and you can justify it—why not?

However, some women need the quality of custom fittings or yearn for a natural silk lace touch over a synthetic blend. Naturally, these will cost more because they cater to specific needs and resources. 

But, lingerie doesn’t define women. It helps build and exude a confidence that screams, “I’m proud of the way I look.” The sexy and sultry might not be for all women, but it can set forth the power to look in the mirror and acknowledge that the body you possess is yours and yours alone. It’s a symbol of pride, power, and personality. Laced up or not, own it and feel good in it. 

Don’t believe that if you spend more, you’ll be worth more. Remember: it’s lingerie. As much as it can make you feel beautiful – it’s not what makes you beautiful.

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