A Voice For The Students

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By Karlie Mickanuik

The first time I met Jason Roth he looked me in the eye, called Jason Roth a jerk and then introduced himself as that.

Roth is a man who has pictures of cats up in his office, thinks steak and lobster is a dessert and is the lobbying voice for NAIT students.

The job of the NAIT’s Students’ Association Advocacy Director has many roles attached to it. Roth works with the government ensuring that student’s needs are heard and students best interest is put first when decisions impacting students are made.

This includes changes to things like tuition rates, budget cuts and even transit. Roth also works in media relations and is an advisor to the student executives at NAITSA.

Roth has been in this position for the last twelve years and says he has no plans to leave NAIT until he retires.

He explains this job is important as not only does he mentor the student executives at NAIT but is also the voice for all NAIT students.

“Students deserve to have their voices heard and to be represented to governments, to their schools, to their administration. They’re worth it too, they deserve an advocate,” said Roth.

Roth is extremely personable and has a great sense of humour. I decided to ask him a few personal questions to get to know him a little better.

K: I hear you have cats, tell me a bit about them?
J: I. Love. Cats! I have a 3 year old black Halloween kitty girl named Luna and a 1 year old tabby boy named Sunshine. Both from the Humane Society. They are the nicest people I know.

K: What would be your last meal?
J: Nachos with guac to start. Steak and lobster for dinner and steak and lobster for dessert.

K: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
J: My mom. Sure do miss her.

K: Would you rather have four arms and no legs, or four legs and no arms?
J: Yikes! 4 arms, I guess. Do I at least get fire breath?

K: What’s something you say a lot?
J: When you’re me, every day is like Christmas morning! (True story).

K: When was the last time you stopped to smell a flower?
J: I really don’t remember. I prefer the smell of barbeque anyway. Really, who doesn’t?

K: Do you find pets friendlier than people?
J: Yes. They don’t fake friendliness like people do.

K: What’s your least favourite mode of transportation?
J: Those T-bars they used to have on ski hills. What cruel, evil person invented those?

K: What is a song on the soundtrack of your life?
J: Wasted Years – Iron Maiden… Um, maybe don’t read too much into that.

K: Do you think cereal is a soup?
J: Cereal is definitely NOT soup. End of discussion. And yes, pineapple belongs on a pizza. Just not every pizza. See, I can solve all the world’s problems.

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