A stress-free September

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The new school year can be really stressful, that much is obvious. Whether you’re a returning student or a newcomer, the first month usually feels extremely overwhelming. With early mornings and trying to get back in a routine, it is easy to get swamped under the stress. Here are some helpful tips on staying sane and dealing with the pressures of the first month.

Maintain a healthy sleep schedule

Whether it’s staying up too late worrying about the first few days of school, or projects assigned early in the month, it can be hard to keep a proper bedtime. But it’s extremely important to maintain a consistent sleep schedule so you can continue to focus and put your best work out. Start keeping a planner to track your assignments and important dates, and set a time you’d like to be in bed by. Try not to use technology too much before you head to bed, and if you really can’t sleep, try playing relaxing music or reading until you feel tired.

Check out after class events

Staying on top of schoolwork is important, but it can quickly lead to staying alone in your room working too often, which isn’t good for your mental health. Try not to stay secluded and focus on having fun and enjoying yourself to relieve the stress. One of the coolest things about NAIT is the student’s association NAITSA. NAITSA is always putting on cool and fun events available to students, and these types of events are a really easy way to connect with others and shift your worries. Check out NAITSA’s social media accounts @naitstudents for information on events and things happening around campus.

Eat Healthy

The student’s schedule often does not allow much time to keep a balanced diet. With deadlines and study groups abound, it can be hard to remember to eat properly. Unfortunately, eating an unbalanced and junk-food-heavy diet can lower your ability to concentrate and leave you with low energy. If you have a hard time maintaining a consistent and balanced diet, considering prepping meals early on in the week so you don’t end up forgetting later on. Try to remember to have something for breakfast every morning so you can start your day off right.

Reach Out

Asking for help can be really hard for some people. They may not want to seem weak or burden others. But if you’re really feeling the stress and you can’t handle it on your own, it’s always a good idea to reach out to friends, family or a trusted individual to talk to. If you are ever feeling too overwhelmed and need someone to talk to, NAIT offers counselling services for all students. If you just need a break to collect your thoughts, visit Flynn, NAIT’s therapy dog, available during the school year for you to visit and play with.

While school may be your number one priority right now, it’s just as important to take care of your mental and physical health so you can achieve your best. Never feel bad about needing a break or help when you’re overworked, and treat your body right to ensure you feel prepared and able for any and all things that come your way.


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