Your vagina isn’t weird.

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This article contains strong language and sexual content which may not be suitable for minors. Readers discretion is advised.

By: Nicole Murphy

Labiaplasty is a procedure that offers women the opportunity for “better” genitals. My question is, what is this new level of privilege we live in that we have time to criticize our fucking private parts this intensely?

I can’t imagine our ancestors while hunting for food, taking care of their tribe and surviving harsh weather environments looked down and thought “I should probably have smaller labia lips and a whiter vagina.”

In recent years vagina rejuvenation surgery has become increasingly popular in North America and the UK. With women asking for “The Barbie” a look that takes off most of the labia minora giving a clean, tight “clam shell” type look. So to clarify people are asking to look like a fake doll that doesn’t even have a real vagina.

It has been suggested that the increased exposure to porn has fueled this insecurity. Lots of men and women do not realize that they are looking at surgically altered vaginas while watching porn. Adult women may see these vaginas and judge their own as different. As well, men may develop an expectation of what a vagina should look like that is inaccurate.

On the flip side a study found that women in the U.S reported being influenced by their doctor more than any other source to get the surgery.  From 2014 to 2015 the amount of these surgeries performed on minors increase from 222 to 400, almost double. Minors that need parental signatures are getting this surgery, what kind of generational neuroses are we dealing with here? And who really benefits?

Do not get me wrong there are circumstances that this surgery is needed. In some cases the labia minora can cause pain and irritation, which means this procedure will  increase your quality of life. As well, there can be other reasons that people may want to change their genitals which is more than not liking how they look.

Men for years have been trying out different ways to increase their penis size that include supplements, pumping, jelqing, traction and most recently in 2013 a bunch of men were sent to the hospital in Korea for silicone injections gone wrong. This issue of genital insecurity is not just a feminine one. Arguably this is a case where men have it worse!

I just wanted to bring light to the absurdity that is the “perfect” pussy or “big” cock. Despite what comedians say, size doesn’t matter, whether you’re circumcised or not doesn’t matter, whether you have long, medium or short labia minora doesn’t matter.

Of course there are extreme circumstances that can affect sex life, however if you really like someone I have never heard of this kind of thing being a deal breaker. This being said I do have a perfect vagina so I suppose me writing this article is kind of like a when a supermodel tells girls they don’t need to wear make-up.

Just kidding! To tell you the truth I have for sure felt insecure about how my vagina looks and measures up, along with most other things about myself.

In 2017 the beauty industry brought in 532 billion dollars and the cosmetic plastic surgery 16 billion dollars.  I am not against taking part in either of these markets, I would be a hypocrite if I was, but let us step back and perhaps reevaluate what is important.

Not being “good enough” is a common thought that lots of people have experienced. Whether it is feeling you’re not smart enough for a job you are a applying for, you’re not attractive enough for your “crush’ or in general the debilitating feeling you just do not have what it takes to emotionally get through an adversity.

Most of us have been there, all I am saying is give yourself a break do not compare your vagina or penis to the ones in porn. Find a person that you love so much that you do not care how their genitals look, because we all get old and saggy anyway.

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