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While the impact that increased screen time and sitting has on our bodies, our gadgets can also be a great tool in increasing your fitness! Adding elements of gamification and social interaction to working out can be the difference between good intentions and actually enjoying the activities. Why mindlessly go through a fitness routine when you can make it more fun with games and challenges? There are hundreds of tools and mobile apps available, making it easy to track your fitness, to keep a convenient food log and to make working out a social activity without needing to co-ordinate with a fitness buddy. These mobile apps are perfect for adding some variety and fun to your workout, keeping you engaged with your fitness goals.

Zombies, Run!

This app lets users turn their regular and, potentially boring, runs into an engaging post-apocalyptic game. Is your pace slowing down? You’ll kick it up a notch again once the zombies start to catch up. Walk, run or jog as the app delivers one of 200 missions. Create your own missions with interval training, and track and share your progress online. Available for iOS and Android.


Endomondo calls itself the “fitness trainer in your pocket”. This app allows you to set your fitness goals for a wide variety of activities and receive real-time feedback. You can also connect with family and friends or the Endomondo community to take advantages of social interaction, increasing your engagement and results. Check your data anytime, including your running distance, calories burned and much more. Available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows.

Google Fit

Maybe it’s a bit boring but sometimes an intuitive app can be the most useful. Google Fit automatically tracks your walking, running and cycling activities and links data from any linked third-party apps or devices, which brings all of your information to one place. Log in from your device or access it on the web to easily check your progress. Available for Android and iOS.


Is great music the difference between a great workout and a lackluster one? Try Spotify’s Running setting and hear the music automatically match your tempo. If you like a little bit more control over your tunes, check out one of their workout playlists. You can pick choices like “Lock the Flow – shimmering electronic beats”, “The Chase – step into an action movie” and many more. Available for iOS and Android.


If you’re limited for time, Sworkit is a great option for you! Select the type of activity you would like to do, specify the area of your body you’d like to focus on, set the amount of time you have available and watch the app create a custom workout for you. Video demonstrations and audio cues make it easy to follow along with the routine, whether it’s one of your favourites or it’s your first time using the routine. With this app, you can seize that extra five minutes. Available for iOS and Android.


If you enjoy the motivation of a bet and are comfortable putting your money on the line, this app is an entertaining way to stay accountable to your workout goals. Earn money for checking in to your workouts or pay up if you skip leg day! Once you set your exercise and healthy eating goals and manage how much money you’re putting on the line, you can upload pictures of your meals, check into your workouts, link your other fitness apps and join a community keeping each other accountable to their goals. Available for iOS and Android.


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