Veteran creates Remembrance Day monument at his home

by | Nov 11, 2021 | News

Photo via Darren Longstaff’s Facebook

November 11 is Remembrance Day, “a time to reflect and remember,” says Darren Longstaff. 

The former Sergeant with Canadian Forces has created a Remembrance display in his front yard. 

“Every other holiday, people put up decorations. Why not put something up for Remembrance Day?” Longstaff said. This is Longstaff’s sixth year creating a display. 

Many individuals have begun following in Longstaff’s footprints. 

“A friend of mine in Morinville has a wonderful display they’ve put up, I’ve seen displays in British Columbia, Nova Scotia, all across Canada.” 

Longstaff’s main goal with his display is to keep the memory alive. He has included various sentimental attributes as well. 

“I recently acquired last year a Canadian flag with all 158 names of Canadians that died in Afghanistan,” said Longstaff.

The center of his display, referred to as the Afghanistan display, holds four inverted rifles in memory of the first four lost in 2002. Longstaff served in Afghanistan with the first Canadians in the same year. He made a cross with lights in memory of those who have passed. 

“I just want to keep the memory of Remembrance Day alive and to help others remember.” 

Longstaff intends to continue adding to his display each year, and hopes more displays are created in the future. 

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