Valentine’s Day flash mob: One NAIT student’s extreme valentine

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By: Simarjot Kauur

Jaya Borbon, a NAIT graduate, decided to kick the Valentine’s Day game up a notch and surprise her boyfriend, Taylor Donovan, with an extravagant dance performance in the middle of the CAT building.

Borbon said this all started as a revenge plot.

In October, Donovan forced Borbon to stand in a ticket line for Deadmonton for two hours. She said she hates haunted houses, but her boyfriend wanted her to overcome her fears. Borbon explained that her boyfriend is an introvert and doesn’t like public attention, which is where she found her inspiration to make him ‘overcome his fears’.

When she shared this idea with her friend Ryen, one of the vice presidents of the NAIT Hip-Hop Dance Club (HDC), they knew this was going to be a remarkable event.

There were about 25 people altogether, including members from HDC, Borbon’s friends and herself. The CAT crossing was where the flash mob occured.

On the day after Valentine’s Day, Donovan was invited for a supposed meeting on the 4th floor of the CAT building. When he reached the floor, Borbon’s friends met him and demanded that he complete 10 push-ups if he wanted to go to the 3rd floor.

“I knew something was up when I saw so many cameras point at me while I was awkwardly doing the push ups”, said Donovan.

When he finished doing the exercise, he was granted access to the 3rd floor, where more of Borbon’s friends were waiting for him and asked him to yell the name of the one person who makes him happy.

“I never knew that the CAT building echoed so much,” he said.

Once he got to the 2nd floor, he was told to dance to the song ‘Crazy in Love’ by Beyoncé. After gaining access to the first floor, he walked into the atrium where he had to sing any one of his favourite Disney songs.

Then he reached the final stage of the whole setup, where he filled out a crossword of memorable things the couple did together. The condition of the crossword was that if he could score 80 per cent, he could see the dance performance. If he failed; the dance would have been cancelled.

He scored 17 out of 20 and that was when the dance performance started.

“It looked like something straight out of a movie,” said Donovan.

He had tears in his eyes by the end of the performance. Borbon said it was the least she could have done to convey her appreciation for having him in her life.

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