Under the weather, but keeping it together

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Opinion

KFC is something I find myself constantly craving no matter where I am. Not a bucket of fried chicken, but bucket-loads of kindness, friendship and companionship (and cash). 

When we were toddlers, everyone seemed to have a great interest in us. They raved about how cute we were as they jostled to take pictures of us to be uploaded on social media. But this usually only lasts until we celebrate the big “sweet sixteen.” Then, it becomes bittersweet everything! 

We suddenly find ourselves alone, broke and having to stand on our own feet. It is as if we have been teleported to a completely different world composed of stress, anger, and judgment. There are no more handouts except maybe from those closest to us. 

We are forced to deal with a barrage of questions from everybody. “What course of action are you planning to pursue?” “Have you found a job yet?” “Your grades don’t look so good, have you been partying a lot lately?” The questions are relentless and the stress naturally piles up. 

And that is why I find myself wanting more kindness, genuine friendships and companionship. 

Kindness goes a long way. A simple smile, holding the door for others or any little act of kindness can change someone’s day and make a positive impact.  I try my best to be kind and do things that may improve someone’s mood. And doing so makes me feel better! You never know who may need a boost and whose life you might have saved. 

When it comes to friendship and companionship, it is not a popularity contest. Quality matters more than quantity. Meeting people who understand you and are willing to listen is important. You may not see them everyday, but when you need a shoulder to cry on or need someone to lend their ears without judging, quality friends can do that for you. That is why I value friendships and enjoy meeting new people. Talking and sharing my feelings makes me less stressed. A problem shared is a problem halved, so let it out! Surround yourself with people you are comfortable with, and you will feel the stress flowing out of your body. 

I also try to keep it together by pursuing my hobbies. I love to write, and I am truly thankful to The Nugget for allowing me to do so. There’s more to school than studying, so take advantage of the many activities that NAIT has to offer on Ooks Life Take some time to enjoy yourself and let loose! 

Lastly, breathe! I know we cannot live without breathing, but focus on it! Sit, close your eyes, slow things down and take deep, long breaths. This helps me when I am overthinking things and stuck in a web of unnecessary thoughts. After taking a few long breaths, I normally feel better and remind myself that I can only work on things that I can control.

There is no guarantee that life will be easier. But as we step further into an uncertain world, maybe these song lyrics will remind you that you aren’t alone in this journey. And yes, music medicates.  

“Walk on, with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone.”  

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