Two takes on the weekend

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The NAIT gymnasium played host to a display of defence on Friday.

The Ooks women’s basketball team faced off in the first of two games on Feb. 2. The Ooks hosted the Lakeland Rustlers at home and displayed more than acceptable defence. From the jump, the Ooks began forcing mistakes that would cost the Rustlers in the end. The Ooks’ size disadvantage has been around all season, but their lack in height is made up with speed, aggression and daggers from beyond the arc.

Kika Greenlee is usually the main scoring option for the Ooks with 18 points on Friday but it was a fresh face in the second half of the 2017-2018 season making a difference on the court for the Ooks.

First-year player Carly McHarg scored 16 points and took player of the game honours coming off the bench.

The Rustlers’ big threat, Shania Magnusson, scored 12 points but for the most part her points were scored in the first half. Teammate Kaitlyn Tonita had 11 points. This was not enough for the Rustlers as the Ooks won 75-61.

The Rustlers are currently third in the North Division and the Ooks sit fourth. Saturday’s game saw the Rustlers halt any momentum the Ooks held the day prior, winning 84-63 on Lakeland’s home court.

The Ooks men’s basketball team mimicked what the women were able to do hours before. The home game against the Lakeland Rustlers started off with tremendous defensive play by the Ooks. Lakeland was unable to make any of their baskets count and were hit with calls that cost them. The emotions in the Rustlers started to stir against the refs early on. The Ooks composed themselves and continue to score in a game that saw neither team let up.

The Ooks were able to hold the Rustlers to 22 points in the first half. Samson Cleare’s silent but effective post play allowed him to rack up 24 points in the home game. Jackson Jacob came off the bench to score 23 points.

Prentice Gardener led the Rustlers with 17 points as the Rustlers played as hard as they could until the closing quarter. The Ooks won on home court 111-75 . The Rustler snapped their two game losing streak the day after at Lakeland, defeating the Ooks 79-66.

Let’s just say there’s another way to look at last weekend’s games if you were inclined on reading things a
Little differently…(ahem).

-Tre Lopushinsky

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