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NAIT students will find accessing tutoring services a bit easier this year after changes to Tutorial Services on NAIT campuses.

Main Campus

With the move to Room U-210A, the Tutor Centre has been brought together with the majority of NAIT’s Learning and Teaching Commons services in the U-Wing.

“The recent changes to tutoring have to do with location and the time it is offered,” said alison lewis, director of LTC.

Tutor Centre hours have been adjusted so evening access is available on Thursdays from 4:15 to 6 p.m. in addition to the regular daytime hours. The location change will also make it more convenient for students to access.

“We moved the tutor centre to be adjacent to the study lounge to be more convenient for students who are studying to be able to access tutoring,” explained lewis, “This also puts the tutor centre in closer proximity to the library, which can be beneficial for students who are using the library as a study space.”

Tutoring services were previously offered out of the A-Wing, which was not located as close to other study areas like the library and old Project Factory (the new study lounge) study spaces.

Other Campuses

Students at NAIT’s satellite campuses also get to see a boost to tutoring services this year. Patricia and Souch campuses will now feature full-time tutors available to students.

“Both Pat and Souch will now have tutor centres that allow for study space as well as access to a tutor. Spruce Grove will have tutoring available on Fridays,” explained lewis. With the first round of students studying at NAIT’s new Spruce Grove campus this year, provision of tutoring services is a great example of giving those students access to Main Campus services without having to come to Edmonton.

Off Campus

Students studying off-campus can still access tutoring support through the Tutor Centre as well as eTutor Alberta. eTutor Alberta functions similarly to NAIT Tutorial Services, offering study support for writing, math and statistics online. Students can sign up for a free account online at www.etutoralberta.ca and the service typically responds to online submissions within 48 hours. You can also work with an online tutor live for help with math or statistics (depending on time, of course).

Other Study Options

There are additional support options for NAIT students looking for study help in addition to Tutorial Services. NAIT’s Peer Mentor and Supplemental Learn-ing programs continue to support students in certain areas, and the NAIT Peer Tutor Registry allows students to connect and offer tutoring services on their own time.

The Supplemental Learning program is specific to five different courses on campus and features peer-run study sessions and in-class assistance. The Supplemental Learn-ing Leaders are all students who have done well in their supported course and they help plan and develop the free study sessions for students in those courses.

The Peer Mentor program primarily supports international students out of the International Student Centre (now located in Room W-101 in the HP Building). The peer mentors help students access services on campus as well as planning fun activities for students both on and off campus.

Finally, the Peer Tutor Registry is a simple tutoring resource that allows students to find NAIT students willing to tutor others. Any student can access the Peer Tutor Registry, which allows students who have done well in their classes to tutor students taking those classes now, while making some extra cash. There is no guarantee that a Peer Tutor is available for every course but that means there is always an opportunity for students to start tutoring.

You can find more information about all Tutorial Services at NAIT by visiting www.nait.ca/tutorial or contacting the Learning and Teaching Commons (LTC) at tutor@nait.ca. For the Peer Mentor program, contact the International Student Centre.

– Nicolas Brown, Issues Editor

Editor’s note: Ms. lewis requested that her name be spelled without capital letters.

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